Unlocking Our Superpowers ~ Preface ~ Chap. 1 :)

Unlocking Our Superpowers ~ Preface ~ Chap. 1 :)

I used to think that the Preface was some irrelevant and boring part of a book. I would usually skip over it, and dive into the Introduction. Well, I’m here to tell you that this is the coolest, most fascinating Preface of all time! Haha, just kidding, but it is a very important part of this book. It outlines many reasons why this book is extremely unique and a One-of-a-Kind experience to read :)

If you are reading these words right now, then chances are you grew up in the so called “Modern World.” I like to call this the Mainstream Strange-Dream. I see this Mainstream Culture as quite an odd version of the ideal human life. I feel that we have lost a lot of the core values that make us human, and sadly many people have become extremely unhealthy and deeply unsatisfied with life as a result. Most of us have been taught to live a life within certain limited guidelines, but I believe there are other ways to play the “Game of Life.”

For the last 7 years I have been studying Human Culture, Sociology, Anthropology, Philosophy and variety of other subjects, primarily to figure out questions like “What on Earth is going on in this society?!” “What is the true purpose of Humanity?” “Why are we living in such an unhealthy and destructive manner?”

I’ve discovered that humans have not always lived in such disharmony. Many indigenous and ancient cultures have preserved wisdom of how to live a life that is deeply connected to one’s inner truth, one’s community, Mother Earth, and the larger cosmos. There are also many New Teachings, which are a synthesis of ancient wisdom with some fresh perspectives sprinkled in.

Many people write books and speak about these topics. My YouTube Mentor Tai Lopez runs one of the world’s largest Book Clubs, where he reviews all sorts of Transformative books. He explains “Most books contain just a few Golden Nuggets of wisdom.” Large portions of these books are simply “filler material.”

My hope and intention is that this book is a Distillation, Synthesis, and Fresh Perspective on the best “Golden Nuggets” that I have studied, tested, and applied into my life.

For me, these are not just mental concepts; they are more like living, breathing teachings, which I have lived and will continue to live every day. Many of these bits of wisdom have drastically improved my existence, and completely shifted my reality.

Through applying these “Golden Nuggets” of wisdom, I’m confident you will uncover Superpowers that you already use everyday and also begin to Unlock many new ones. So what is a “Superpower” after all? I define a “Superpower” as a gift or skill that you possess, which can enhance your life or someone else’s. These can range between very simple to very complex, from small-scale to worldwide. One of your Superpowers could be the ability to see the beauty in others, or something as unique as a life-changing invention which transforms the whole planet forever. ( I do believe that both the simple and the complex Superpowers are equally important. )

My intention is to deliver these Tools, Techniques and Stories in a simple, fun and memorable way. I believe that 99% of what I share here you already know deep down. Some of these tools may seem basic, though those ones are often the most profound. Some are more complex and esoteric. Either way, the proof is in the pudding. If it resonates, and works for you, awesome! If it doesn’t - Hakuna Matata (it means no worries).

My birth name is Kevin, which could also be pronounced (Key-vin). It doesn’t surprise me that my name contains the word “key”, as I have always had a passion for understanding the key aspects of any topic. In this book, I will present many of the most powerful Keys that I have collected, and it is up to you to unlock the door, or perhaps realize that it has always been unlocked, and you must simply walk through it.

If you decide to Unlock your Superpowers with dedication, I am quite confident you will experience deep connection with your Authentic Self, with your friends and family, and with the entire Web of Life. This usually leads to tremendous joy, fulfillment, and gratitude.

Through implementing the insights in this book, I’ve tapped into some of my Superpowers, which have allowed me to successfully bike 4,500 miles across America, run 2 Crowdfunding Campaigns for Flowetry Tours all around the U.S., design and lead an Online Curriculum called “Conscious Creative Expression” and create over 400 YouTube videos. These tools have also empowered me to transform many chronic conditions like Fibromyalgia, and Type 1 Diabetes. I don’t share this to brag, but to give a glimpse of what is possible for an average human, who has tapped into their sacred Superpowers :)

To quote one of my favorite authors Ram Dass “I always talk about myself, but those of you who know - know that it’s not really me - it’s us. And I just use myself as a case study, because I know it better than I know everybody else’s case study. Because what awes me is really how parallel our journey’s are”

This book is also unique for a few other reasons :

1.  It fuses the medium of a printed and/or Ebook with the vast domain of Youtube and the internet. I invite readers to check out some of my Youtube videos at any point during the process of reading this book. I am a firm believer in receiving information in multiple formats, so that one can have both a Multisensory Experience and see a variety of unique perspectives on a topic.

Here is a link to my YouTube Channel (Please subscribe) : 

As mentioned above, I’ve created / co-created over 400 Youtube videos in the past 5 years. Some are well-edited mini-films or interviews, some are simply video blogs walking down the sidewalk. They are not necessarily “super high quality” in audio or video, though I can promise you they are fun, and show my evolution as a human being.

I also intend to make some new videos, which will directly tie into this book. I’ve realized that I enjoy telling stories via video more than writing. I do love the process of writing a story, though there is a certain magic and transmission of energy that occurs when you tell a story on video. You are able to use body language, different tones of voice, and share your full presence. For this reason, I will share many more stories from my journey via video.

2.  My goal isn’t to impress you, to show off, or to be the coolest dude in the world (I’ve already got that title - haha). My goal is to authentically share my experiences, and trust that this is why I am here on this planet. I enjoy embarrassing myself, and I’m happy to admit my flaws (i.e. being on time) and shadows (i.e. self-judgement).

3.  I debated about changing my writing style and book format in order to fit the “industry standards”. For a while I tried to conform, but my soul just couldn’t do it. It was blocking my creativity. So, I decided, “I’m gonna write this book how I want to write it, in a way that feels real and honest.” If I don’t get a publishing deal, that’s okay with me. As a fellow evolutionary, Jake Ducey says “It’s better to be strange, than a stranger to yourself.”

I also considered finding an epic Graphic Designer to create some of the graphics for this book. This way, it would look “professional.” As I meditated deeply on this, and showed a friend my hand-drawn sketches, she encouraged me to use my own drawings, rather than a computerized version. This recommendation resonated with me, and so I’ve chosen to do all the graphics myself. Therefore, I ask you to give the information in this book the same respect that you would give a book with only computerized graphics. I enjoy drawing out the graphics, and feel that it infuses playfulness, accessibility, and an organic feel to the teachings of this book.

4.  On a similar note, while writing this book, a few times I tried to “force the flow”, and write a bunch about a specific topic. Sometimes I would get in the groove, but many times, I couldn’t easily tap into the essence of that topic. Then I remembered that I have been blogging on Facebook for the past 3 years, and those are almost always written during or directly after a profound experience.

For this reason, I decided to include many Facebook posts from the past 3 years in this book. I was often full of adrenaline, in a complete flow-state while writing these “transmissions.” Thus, I believe they carry a specific energy and freshness, that I can’t always just conjure up on a rainy afternoon a few years after the experience. I also include the date, and time of day that I posted them, because that shows the exact moment I shared, and may carry a synchronicity of what you were up to at that time.

5. You may notice that I don’t follow classical grammar rules in this book. This is because I am deeply devoted to sharing Truth in the way that resonates with me. I choose to freely express myself, which includes unsubscribing from the mainstream “rules and restrictions.” I like to capitalize words that carry a specific importance in a sentence. I also use quotations a lot, usually to demonstrate that the quoted term carries a certain understanding within Mainstream Culture or a subculture such as the “Yoga Community.” I also put quotes in italics, and key sentences in bold. Lastly, I even go so far as to include smiley faces :) and “haha” moments to keep it playful.

I don’t think everyone should abandon classical grammar and literary structure, though for me, and the intentions behind this book, this is how I am choosing to write. Shazaam! I claim my creative freedom! Haha :) Also, myself, my homie Sam, and Microsoft Word scanned this book like hawks or typos and errors. It wouldn’t surprise me if we missed a few, but I’m cool with that, because after all, everything is perfectly imperfect.

I know that some people, including myself like to skim read books, or read them in a non-linear fashion. Both of these are A-OK by me, though I can honestly say that every page has a golden nugget in it, and I have done my best to include only the best information and stories. I invite you to take notes, write or draw in the margins, and/or highlight parts you want to revisit. This book and this world is your playground, so I invite you to play, learn, grow and co-create! So without further ado, I will say “Scoobally Doo” and let you read on through :)

To get your own personal copy of "Unlocking Our Superpowers," here is the link to Amazon : https://tinyurl.com/y8oj7zov


INTRODUCTION ~ Chap. 2 ~ Unlocking Our Superpowers

INTRODUCTION ~ Chap. 2 ~ Unlocking Our Superpowers