How Do We Transform Our World?

How Do We Transform Our World?

The 3-Part Formula for TRANSFORMING OUR WORLD :)

There are 3 primary steps to this formula for transforming our world :




Art^ by Jessica Perlstein

Have you ever been walking in public and seen a group of people watching some sort of Street Performer / Artist? You probably think to yourself, “Well if those people have stopped to watch, this guy must be putting on a good show. Maybe, I’ll stop for a minute.” So, you and your friends pause to see what’s going on. It turns out there is a guy wearing a Spiderman outfit, who is drawing incredible Sacred Geometry patterns with sidewalk chalk. Eventually, there are more than 20 people watching Spiderman draw intricate patterns with his bare hands. People are simply captivated by these multi-colored designs. 

The moral of this story is : As more people gathered around to watch Spiderman, it increased the curiosity of other people walking by. This illustrates “The Power of Witnessing,” which is Part 1 of Transforming Our World. The simple act of bearing witness to something adds energy to it, and catalyzes more people to observe the same phenomenon.

Witnessing flows naturally into the 2nd Part, which is Storytelling. Back to the scene of everyone watching Spiderman draw with sidewalk chalk. The group of 20 onlookers all pull out their Smartphones, and begin taking photographs, videos, and posting all over Social Media about Spiderman, the chalk-master. The 20 Witnesses then take on a secondary role as Storytellers, thus adding more energy to the situation. Through pictures, videos, and blog posts, they spread awareness about the Sacred Geometry chalk art to THOUSANDS more people. Therefore, the Superpower of Storytelling entails utilizing a variety of mediums to share about a person, place, or thing, thus amplifying the overall energy of it. 

The 3rd Part of this Formula to Transform Our World is Replication / Co-Creation. This is when a Witness and/or Storyteller chooses to add more energy to a situation by actively replicating / co-creating with it. This can happen by replicating the initial action, directly collaborating with it, or taking inspired action in a new direction. 

For example, a few enthusiastic onlookers picked up some pieces of chalk, and began drawing their own geometric designs a few feet away from Spiderman. Rather than simply observing the artist, or videotaping him, they dove right in and began co-creating alongside him! This added even more pizazz to the whole scene, which attracted new curious people strolling by. As you can see, this 3-part formula creates a Snowball effect, which continues to build momentum. Witnessing, Storytelling, and Replication / Co-Creation can be applied to a wide variety of situations and can easily spread all across the globe. I encourage you to apply this magical formula wherever you see fit...  And the secret to this 3-part formula, is that there are actually 4 parts, which I will explain in the next section : 


“ The deeper sorrow carves into your being, 

the more joy you can contain. ” 

~ Khalil Gibran

The 3-Part Formula can be applied to essentially any situation. I want to add another dimension as well. If you find something in the world that is undesirable, problematic / catastrophic, you can use these 3 steps to steer in the direction of solutions. Say the problem is Mountain Removal Coal Mining. Yes, this devastating reality does exist, and we don’t want to ignore that. But rather than dwelling on it, we can use the ugliness of this situation to fuel our mission to create beautiful alternatives and situations. When you “let the pain in,” and truly feel the deep emotions which arise from seeing Mother Earth being torn apart, you can channel the anger and sadness to transform the situation. 

Many activists like Joanna Macy, who facilitates “The Work That Reconnects,” explain that it is actually through feeling our deep despair for the state of the planet, which opens up the space for us to be stronger activists. So, once we let the pain in, and process our deep feelings, we can go back to the 3-part formula and take practical action. 

To continue with our previous example of Mountain Top Removal, we can find examples of Cleaner Alternative Energies. We can fuel them firstly by learning about them and simply Witnessing that they exist and are growing in popularity. To help them grow more, we can use our Storytelling Superpowers to spread the word amongst our friends, family, and social networks. Lastly, we can actively Co-create and Replicate to support Alternative Energy. We could apply for a job at a Solar Company, start a Bike Share Program, or do a Work-Trade on a Permaculture Farm. 

Can you see how powerful this 3-Part Formula is? Each aspect is powerful on its own, and when we do all 3, it actively anchors the New-N-Ancient Earth !

If you resonate with this concept and formula for transforming our world, please apply this to your own life and share it with your friends. Thank you, Philo Lila and Team Pachamama.

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What Is Team Pachamama ?

What Is Team Pachamama ?