Healing Is Cool ! (Unlocking Our Superpowers)

Healing Is Cool ! (Unlocking Our Superpowers)

On September 13th, 2014 @ 3:20pm, I posted this passionate declaration :

It is one of my big missions in life to help make Healing "the cool thing to do."

I affirm a world where it’s cooler to stay home and meditate rather than going to drink at a bar.

I affirm a world where it’s cooler to cry for an hour than to "Suck it up."

I affirm a world where it’s safe to express our deepest fears to our friends instead of the false strength we uphold.

I affirm a world where we always feel safe and worthy of asking for what we need.

I affirm a world where we have the resources, tools, and supportive friends around, so that we don't resort to addictions and self-sabotage.

I affirm a world where sacred plant medicines are revered and used in a ceremonial and harmonious way.

I affirm a world where Nahko, Ayla Nereo, Xavier Rudd, Rising Appalachia, Chances R Good, etc. is played on the radio and all over the place.

I affirm a world where we FEEL FREE AND EMPOWERED AND JOYFUL !

What type of world do you affirm?



This post on “Affirming the World I Want to Live In” is a good summation to “The Healing Process” Chapter. My overall goal is to share a bit of my story, and all the tools and practices that have worked for me, so that more people can experiences these wonders firsthand. I’d love to see “Healing” become the cool thing for young people to do. I feel transformed a zillion times over thanks to these tools, techniques, and perspectives. I am forever grateful for all the trailblazers, pioneers, healers, teachers, guides, and others who have built a foundation for this information to be available to us!

In order to truly transform our world, we must transform inwardly. We must shine the light on all our shadows and integrate these parts of ourselves to become whole. We must see our BodyMind System as the miraculous, harmonious, and powerful temple that it truly is! I invite you to work with as many of the tools and techniques in this chapter as you like. Please remember that you are sovereign and empowered, and always use discernment when trying out new practices and perspectives. We are so blessed to have these tools at our fingertips, so let’s treat them with love, respect, and gratitude as we continue on this amazing journey of life!

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