The Importance of Integration (Unlocking Our Superpowers)

The Importance of Integration (Unlocking Our Superpowers)

The Importance of Integration

This post is for anyone who has a profound, life-changing experience and wondered, “How can I integrate this into my daily life?” This has happened to me many times, and I’ve learned a few things along the way that I'd love to share with you. This is an excerpt from my book “Unlocking Our Superpowers.” :

As you do your regular “Healing Practices,” it is crucial to integrate all of the new energies, insights, and transformations that you are going through. The Integration Process is often glazed over, hurried, or not fully understood. My intention for this chapter is to share the many lessons and blessings I have learned about Integration. The ultimate goal of Integration is to reclaim your birthright of wholeness. This means to have clear, fluid communication between all aspects of your BodyMind System. This chapter will provide tools for integrating and implementing the various of aspects of your Healing Practice into your daily life.

The Personal Transformation Map

As you cycle through the different phases of the “Personal Transformation Map”, I encourage you begin to “track” Behavior / Thought patterns. Tracking is a term used in Wilderness Survival, which explains the process of following an animal’s footprints (tracks) to discover information about the animal or a territory you are exploring. For example, if you notice fresh bear tracks going into a cave, you probably won’t want to go in there. If you are hunting in the wild, then you are on the prowl for fresh deer footprints. When you see deer prints in the snow, you can study them to determine how far away the deer is.

Tracking is essentially the art of noticing patterns over time. The patterns can be repetitive thought patterns, body language tendencies, ways of social interaction, or situations you keep encountering in your external world. It is extremely beneficial to take note of patterns in yourself in order to grow in self-awareness. Within the 7 stages of the Personal Transformation Map, there are 2 interconnected areas where you can shine more awareness :

Blind Spots : Areas of your life that are playing out on autopilot (through inertia) of which you are completely or somewhat unconscious. For example : “Until yesterday, Bill had no idea that he was treating his wife in the same way that frustrated him so much. He would interrupt her all the time. It was only when they sat down with a therapist, who pointed out this tendency, that he was willing to look at his own behavior. Bill’s “Blind Spot” was his unconscious habit of interrupting his wife while she was speaking.”

Numb Spots : Numb spots are areas within the body where you do not have full sensation / awareness. It is truly incredible how we have become partially numb in different areas of our body, as a way to not feel certain emotions. It is essentially a natural defense mechanism designed to protect us, but once the event we perceive as scary has passed, we can explore the full process of “re-feeling.”

Here is a brief overview of the Personal Transformation Map. It’s important to remember that the process of moving through this map is often non-linear / fractal in nature. This means you can occupy multiple stages at once, skip around, and continuously revisit different stages in various areas of your life.

1.   Totally Unconscious : At this stage, the behavior pattern is totally outside your awareness. You may notice other people with this behavior, but the idea that you embody it too seems ludicrous.

2.    Resistance / Denial : At this stage, someone may tell you that you are expressing a certain behavior, and you strongly deny it. “No way would I act like that!” You may even feel angry or repulsed at the idea that you act in such a way.

3.    Open to New Possibility : At this stage, the energy shifts because you finally open to the possibility that you may occasionally demonstrate this behavior.

4.    Investigation ( Internal Compass, Juicy Questions, Core Belief work ) : This is the stage where you look within and utilize your transformational tools to identify what exactly you are doing and what core beliefs are motivating it.

Personal Transformation Map 1.jpg

5.    Processing / Moving Energy : At this stage, you actively work on Processing and Moving your energy to shift your Beliefs, BodyMind System, and Behavior.

6.    Breakthrough / Revelation / Transformation : At this stage, you feel a shift, and have a profound breakthrough, revelation, or transformation. For example, if you’ve been processing to release the tension in the right side of your neck, you may finally feel some ease in this area after releasing deep-seated anger and then going for a swim. As you bask in the new level of wholeness, you will probably feel immense gratitude for this Transformation Process.

7.    Integration into Daily Life : At this stage, you set up new habits and holistic practices to maintain your new Beliefs, BodyMind System, and Behaviors. For example, you may take space to process when anger arises rather than unconsciously acting it out, as you did in the past.


High Tide / Low Tide : It is also beneficial to keep track of the “High Tide / Low Tide” phenomenon as you move through the Personal Transformation Map. I first explained this process in the Keys to Creativity. When applied to Healing, The High Tide phase is when everything is cruising along and you feel empowered, as if you are turning into a Butterfly! The Low Tide is when things slow down, and you don’t feel like you’re making any progress. You doubt whether it’s worthwhile to keep going. Here, you feel like a caterpillar in metamorphosis, where you are a gooey mess inside a cocoon. This is the best time to relax and cultivate self-care practices. Remember that both the High and Low Tide are part of the natural ebb and flow of life.

I recommend journaling regularly about what you are Tracking. Here are a few questions to ask yourself / journal about :

1.  What repetitive Thought Patterns / Mental Advisors do you notice that are not serving your greatest good? What Thought Patterns / Mental Advisors would you rather cultivate?

2.  What body language do you notice in others and/or yourself that seem odd or noteworthy?

3.  What Belief Systems may be tied to these Thought Patterns / Mental Advisors / Body Language tendencies?

4.  What Synchronicities, Animal Totems, Omens, etc. have you noticed that may be reflecting certain aspects of your Healing Process?


Integration Tools and Techniques

Note : The tools and techniques outlined here are things I usually do “after” my normal Healing Practice is over; though sometimes they are directly integrated into my intense workout. For example, I may massage my legs for 10 minutes between doing a set of pushups and jumping jacks.

1. Journaling : It is very helpful to keep an active journal as you dive into the Healing Process and/or explore the Keys to Creativity. I like to view it as an “external hard drive” for the mind. As I write things down in my journal, I often have new insights, and it opens up new space for fresh ideas to come in. I once heard the quote “In order to see yourself, you need a mirror.” Journaling can act as a mirror for you to see aspects of yourself which were previously invisible.

2. Soul Family : Another form of mirroring which has radically accelerated my healing journey is having “Soul Family” around : close friends or family with whom you can be totally honest and authentic. Simply speaking about what you’ve been going through is very powerful. It takes the process from your 1st Person perspective and Mental Level into a relationship, so you can view your process from a 3rd person view, and express on an Emotional Level. You can also receive helpful feedback and reflections that may not have occurred to you otherwise.

I tend to drive myself crazy if I try to solve all my challenges within my own mind. Usually if I just chat about it with a “homie” (friend), I gain greater clarity and understanding of my situation. It helps me remember that “we are all in this together.”

3. Drinking Lots of Water : When you are engaged in the Healing Process, you are circulating a lot of energy through entire BodyMind System. To keep all your engines running smoothly, it is key to drink a lot of water before, during, and after your personal practice. Water helps to flush out toxins and restore a sense of peace after a potentially intense session. Coconut water can be good to replenish Electrolytes as well.

4. Laying on Pachamama : This practice is one of the most potent and healing aspects of my entire Healing Journey. It is one component that I feel a lot of people are missing. Mother Earth / Pachamama resonates at 7.83 Hz (the Schumann Resonance) and by laying on her surface, you harmonize with this healing frequency. This brings incredible peace and harmony to body and mind. I can’t recommend this enough! I usually lay for at least 20 minutes, though sometimes for up to 2 hours. I can often feel myself becoming one with Pachamama, and I feel all the energy I moved during my practice integrate harmoniously in my being.

5. Deep Rest : Most of us have been conditioned to get between 7-8 hours of sleep per night. In my journey, I have experimented with many different sleep schedules. For example, I spent about 3 months sleeping for 4 hrs. per night, with a 1 hr. nap in the afternoon.

When it comes to integrating, especially after an intense session where you are clearing / reprogramming a lot, it is helpful to give yourself full permission to sleep for as long as possible. Not everyone has the time for this luxury, though if you can sculpt your life in such a way as to allow for this, it is deeply beneficial. I truly believe that your BodyMind System knows what it needs to heal. Thus, if you surrender to that deeper wisdom rather than projecting an idea of what you need, the results are surprising. Some days, I will easily sleep for 12 hours and wake up feeling totally rejuvenated and transformed! Oversleeping regularly can lead to grogginess, laziness, and other issues, though if you try it once a week it is usually very beneficial.

6. Being in Water : Water is very therapeutic and allows for powerful Body and Mind harmonization. I especially recommend a hot bath with Epsom Salts, which helps soothe sore muscles. Also, swimming in a pool, lake or in Big Mama Ocean can help you to graciously integrate new energies and dispel anything that no longer serves you.

7. Yin Yoga : This style of yoga is focused on relaxing the BodyMind System and opening the various muscle groups. The first time I experienced a Yin Yoga class at Bhakti Yoga Shala in Santa Monica, I was literally flabbergasted at how relaxed I felt. My heart melted open, and I experienced everything as love. I recorded a YouTube video directly after class to attempt to share what I was experiencing. Here is the video :

You can easily practice Yin Yoga at home or attend a class at a local studio. Be careful: it is so relaxing you may just fall asleep in Pigeon Pose. :)

8. Play / Celebration / Humor : I’ll be honest - the Healing Process can often be pretty heavy. Sometimes you are working through deep-seated trauma and it can range from uncomfortable to ridiculously painful. Speaking of ridiculous, it is very helpful to keep a playful attitude while you are doing these practices. You may not be always able to laugh, though if you keep a sense of humor, it will help you stay afloat and also make it easier to communicate about your process with others.

It’s great to celebrate your mini-victories, and play in spontaneous ways to activate different neural circuitry. Going to a local playground and swinging is one fun way to do this. It snaps you out of the “Healing Process” and into the simple joy found in the present moment. Pretty much anything that makes you laugh is also good medicine for integration. I like to say “Scoobally Doo” anytime I find myself getting too serious. This is a silly phrase I made up to use in many situations, and it’s very fun to exclaim it! :) If you drop your phone in the mud - Scoobally Doo! When no one shows up to your event - Scooablly Doo :) When you can’t comprehend the synchronicity unfolding in your life - Scoobally Doo!

9. Affirmative Mantras : You can also utilize the Affirmation Activations to create some mantras of your own to repeat to assist with Integration. Here are a few that I often say : “I choose to believe that everything is flowing.” “I am open to receive guidance on a gracious integration.”

And when I am really going through a tough spot in any part of my healing practice, I will say, “This too shall integrate. This too shall integrate. This too shall integrate.” This affirmation is a remix of the common Buddhist mantra, “This too shall pass.” I like it because it affirms that everything is always moving towards greater wholeness and integration. Every life experience ultimately has purpose and fits together in a beautiful way, even if I can’t quite see / feel it in the moment.

10. Closing Your Energy Field : It is very important to close your Healing Practice by sealing your Energy Field / Aura. While practicing the many different Bioenergetic techniques, your energy field becomes very open and expansive. This is good and healthy, though once you return to your daily activities, I recommend setting up a healthy energetic shield. You can do this by repeating 3 times, “I close my Energy Field to all energies except my Higher Self. I call all my energy back into myself.” You can also gently pat over your whole body, to feel strong and grounded in your physical body.

Lastly, I recommend “smudging” your energy field with White Sage, to clear out any left over “energetic debris” from your session, and also to assist in protecting your energy field. I like to move the White Sage smoke around the outline of my body, and also in front of each of my 7 chakras, plus my palms and feet. By doing these practices, I feel a sense of completion to my Healing Session, and ready to step into other daily activities.

Here are a few questions on Integration Tools and Techniques :

1.    What Integration tools and techniques do you already practice?

2.    Which new ones do you want to cultivate?

3.    How can you make these new ones into Habitual Rituals?


Thanks for reading. The next section in the book is called “Healing Touch.”

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What Is Team Pachamama ?

Healing Touch (Unlocking Our Superpowers)

Healing Touch (Unlocking Our Superpowers)