Pain Body Integration (Unlocking Our Superpowers)

Pain Body Integration (Unlocking Our Superpowers)


The Pain Body as Eckhart Tolle describes it is the total energy field of all our past Emotional Pain. This includes all the Misqualified Energy, Frozen, and Unaccepted parts of ourselves. It is like a heavy burden we carry, and it causes our Mind and Body to feel fragmented. It is comprised of all the “Resistance Energy” that we hold in our Energy field. It gets triggered anytime something shines the light of consciousness upon these unconscious, unintegrated parts of ourselves. ( It may be helpful to revisit the section called “Energetic Imprints.” )

In order to integrate the Pain-Body, here are some tips of what has worked for me, time and time again :

1.  Enter a state of “Full Body Presence.” Let yourself observe the sensations in your entire body and surrounding energy field. Regardless of what sensations arise, simply Allow them to BE, without resistance or judgment.

2.  Visualize your body as if it is made completely of golden vibrating energy. No separate organs, body parts or distinct pieces — just one continuous field of golden energy.

3.  The Pain Body often manifests as a bubble of energy that feels uncomfortable or anxious. It will most likely hide in one area of your body. As you shine the light of your awareness on it, it will probably get more intensely painful. It may even move around in your body. This is a telltale sign that it is the Pain Body! The Pain Body does not want you to observe it directly. By holding your awareness on this area and not falling into victim consciousness, you are transmuting the energy. I recommend giving your Pain Body a name so you can call it out when it gets triggered. This helps you to create a space of awareness and also adds lightness and humor to your Emotional Process. I call my Pain Body “Filbert.” You may want to say something like : “I’ve caught you Filbert. I see you. You can’t hide any longer!”

4.  Continue holding Full Body Presence. You are essentially diffusing the energy of the Pain Body and allowing this energy that had separated from a state of wholeness to re-integrate. You may feel like your body is becoming lighter, or even being filled with light. The “darkness” or unconsciousness of the Pain Body is being transformed into Presence and Awareness. It is truly a remarkable and beautiful process!

5. It is also important to note that the Pain Body feeds on pain, negativity, and drama. Observe any tendencies within yourself that are causing you to fuel these areas. Also, I firmly believe that the Pain Body thrives if your body is in an Acidic pH state. I recommend being mindful of which eating habits are contributing towards body acidity. Limiting / avoiding meat, fish, dairy, processed, gluten-rich, and very sugary foods is a good place to begin.

6. Communicating with friends who have an understanding of the Pain Body is another great tool for shining the light of awareness on past emotional wounds and integrating them harmoniously. This is high-level Spiritual Ninja shit right here! Hahah :) When you have a friend who is willing to hold space for you as your Pain Body gets activated, that is a priceless gift. And when you can not take your friend’s behavior personally, because you can see that his / her Pain Body has taken over, you will avoid unnecessary drama.


This is a Superpower Question right here! Teal Swan ( The Spiritual Catalyst ) articulates this concept very beautifully. The gist is that we must consistently ask ourselves if what we are doing / thinking / believing is actually useful. Here are two other ways to ask the same question:

1.    Is this belief / thought / action constructive and/or serving my greatest good?

2.    Is this belief / thought / action Beneficial or Detrimental?

It is important to be aware of those sneaky Societally Conditioned Mental Advisors such as “Scarcity Samantha.” Samantha may try to sneak in and convince you that it’s useful to rush eating lunch so you have more time to do other things. In truth, rushing your lunch will probably create more chaos in your mind and especially your tummy, which will make it more difficult to accomplish other tasks.

The “Mental Advisors” concept is one example of the many tools I share in this book. It is key to remember that tools are sometimes useful and sometimes unnecessary or inappropriate for a specific task or phase of life. Regularly asking the question “Is it useful?” can help you to gain clarity on the most efficient techniques for transformation.

For example, I used to say a 30-second protection prayer that I learned in Kundalini Yoga every single time I would start my car. Even if I stopped to get gas or use a rest stop, I would repeat the prayer again before I continued driving. The prayer made me feel good and connected to my higher guidance.

Eventually, there reached a point where I felt like I was just “going through the motions” when I would say the prayer. I realized that I had internalized my sense of protection and connection, and that it was no longer necessary to say the prayer every time I got in my car. Again, the key question to ask is “Is this belief / thought / action actually useful?”


Bioenergetics and Core Energetics

After writing most of this book, I discovered two related schools of thought that cover many of these same topics covered in the Healing Process chapter. I personally intend to learn much more about both of these vast reservoirs of wisdom. I also recommend you check them out if you want to learn more, or schedule a session with a Core Energetics Practitioner :

Check out Bioenergetics by Alexander Lowen -

Core Energetics -


Thanks for reading. The next section to check out is “The Gift of Pain.”

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Healing Touch (Unlocking Our Superpowers)

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The Gift of Pain (Unlocking Our Superpowers)