The Affirmation Activations (Unlocking Our Superpowers)

The Affirmation Activations (Unlocking Our Superpowers)

The Affirmation Activations are a practical system for truly embodying the “Positive Affirmations” that we say to ourselves.

Many people have discovered the benefits of repeating Positive Affirmations, such as “I love and accept myself” or “I am abundant and free.” Sometimes, folks will put these statements on post-it notes all over their homes. The big question is : Does saying these things over and over actually create a change in your life?

In my experience, the answer is : “You will only see new results in your life, if you truly believe these statements to be true.” What does it mean to “truly believe” something? It means that you have integrated the new belief into your Subconscious Mind. The Subconscious Mind runs 95% of your behavior, and is rooted within the cells of your body.

Through studying the Subconscious Mind, Bioenergetics, and many different spiritual teachings, I’ve coalesced a system called the “Affirmation Activations,” which are intended to penetrate the Subconscious Mind, and thus actually plant the seeds for the results we desire in our lives.

In this article, I explain the whole process and I also have a step by step tutorial video :

Step 1 : Do some sort of exercise / movement for at least 20 minutes to activate the circuitry and connection between the Conscious and Subconscious Mind.

Step 2 : Choose an affirmative statement that you want to cultivate in your life. Example : “I am strong and grounded.”

Step 3 : Choose 1 of the Affirmation Activations (listed in the following pages) such as : “I am totally safe…”

Step 4 : Stand in a posture that matches the feeling of your affirmation. For “Generative” ones, I like to stand up strong and put my palms together or facing outwards. For “Receptive” ones, I am often laying down, or in a relaxed position. For “Transformative,” there are many options. Sometimes I shout them loudly, sometimes I repeat them softly. I also enjoy repeating them in a random, routine part of my day, like walking down the stairs, and saying them aloud.

Step 5 : Combine the Affirmation Activation with your affirmative statement : “I am totally safe to be strong and grounded.” The key is to DECLARE it, and feel it within the cells of your body / Subconscious Mind. It is also important to enunciate each word, for this creates a precise sound frequency and sends a clear sign to the world of what you believe. Enunciating each word causes you to use your entire mouth and both brain hemispheres, which in turn vibrates your Pineal Gland at the center of your brain. The Pineal Gland is directly linked to your state of consciousness, so these affirmations can help you tune into an empowered state of being.

Step 6 : After you say the Affirmation, deeply inhale, roll your shoulders back, and exhale, letting it sink into your body. Repeat this process 3 times, to make a deep impression within your Subconscious Mind.

Step 7 : To seal this new belief, place both hands on your heart and say “Thank you” 3 times. Between each “Thank you”, take a deep inhale, do a shoulder roll, and exhale.

Step 8 : If you feel inspired, you can keep the same affirmative statement, and repeat the process with a different Affirmation Activation.

Step 9 (optional) : “YESAI” is an Empowerment Mantra. It carries the vibration of self and collective empowerment. You can add “Yesai” to any affirmation / mantra to add some extra momentum to it. For Example :

“Yesai am totally safe to be strong and grounded.” or “Yesai choose to believe that all is flowin.”

Affirmation Activations 1.jpg

These 9 steps are one pathway to using the Affirmation Activations. There are certainly other pathways, and I invite you to explore creating your own. Here are a few other keys to remember about the Affirmation Activations :

One Layer at a Time! - It is crucial to realize that healing happens in layers, and although it is possible to have quantum leaps, often times change doesn’t happen overnight. Patience and persistence are key virtues here. I have experienced the chaos and pain that ensues from trying to rush my healing process, and now I’ve learned to go layer by layer.

The truth is that each layer contains unique energy, and usually has specific memories or beliefs attached to it. In relation to this, each layer holds wisdom and lessons, which can only be received if we are patient and present with the process. The healing process takes time and is exquisitely beautiful if we respect all of the subtleties of it.

I practice this by saying Affirmations like “I ask for guidance on releasing the next layer of fear.” “I choose to claim the next layer of my divine, eternal self.”

Gathering Evidence - I recommend gathering evidence to support the new beliefs you are implementing into your life. If your new belief is “I am totally worthy of receiving my dream job,” then begin to list pieces of evidence to support this. For example : “My friend Jessica recently got hired into her dream job, and if she can do it, so can I!” Also, “When I focused my intention and actions towards winning the film contest in 2010, my dream came true. This is another example that I am empowered and capable of success!”

It is also important to Take Action based upon your new beliefs. If you are affirming that you have an abundance of energy and vitality, then do lots of physical activities, and put your abundance of energy in service to others. As you walk around the world with the lens of your new belief, take note of little things that affirm this new reality, and watch the magic unfold before your eyes :)

Normalizing Technique - By saying the affirmations in a relaxed, average tone of voice, you “normalize” them, and tell your Subconscious Mind that it is totally natural and comfortable to accept the new belief / perspective. You can also “normalize” new beliefs by simply talking about them with friends or family. This brings the new perspective from being only in your Mental world to being spoken about by people in the Physical world. It seems so simple, but it’s very powerful. Try it out!

Singing Technique - You can transform your Activated Affirmation into a mantra or song. You can create a simple melody, or add new lyrics to “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” or another popular tune. This may sound silly, though some folks who did this in a workshop I led are still singing their “Twinkly Affirmations” a year or two later.

First and Last 5 Minutes Superpower - This Superpower states that the 1st five minutes of your day when you wake up, and the last 5 minutes before sleep are two of the most important opportunities of your day. This is because during these windows of time, the filter between your Subconscious and Conscious Mind is relaxed, so anything you think about marinates into your Subconscious, which is what drives 95% of your behavior. For this reason, I highly recommend practicing your personal Affirmation Activations immediately when you wake up, so that you begin your day feeling empowered and from a place of infinite potential! I love to sing my Affirmations the instant I wake up as I begin to move and dance about my home. Also, as you are settling in for sleep, review your Affirmations and the mental imagery and feeling states associated with your goals. You can do this in a journal, on a vision board, and/or in your mind, all of which allow them to plant like seeds deep into the soil of your Subconscious Mind. These beautiful images and Affirmations will eventually grow in your daily, waking reality!

----- Why are these 9 Affirmation Activations so powerful? -----

They tap into 3 of the core qualities of the Universe : Receptive, Generative, and Transformative. These could be seen as the Holy Trinity : Feminine, Masculine, and the Divine Child.


When you are feeling like you want to receive support in a particular aspect of life, it is helpful to utilize the Receptive Affirmation Activations.

“I Allow...” : Using this Activation empowers you to receive what the universe is already sending your way, but you may be subconsciously resisting at a subtle level.

“I’m Open To Receive...” : Utilizing this Activation supports you in opening your cells at a deep level to receive whatever you desire i.e. peace, clarity, pleasure, etc.

“I Ask For Guidance…” : This Activation helps you to specify what you are seeking support with. By firmly declaring it to the Universe, you will surely receive guidance. Be aware that it may not come immediately, or in the form you are expecting, but it will indeed come. I recommend keeping a journal with you, and especially by your bed, because the guidance may come in the form of dreams :)


When you want to take life by the horns and claim your power to create your own experience, the Generative Affirmation Activations are the golden ticket.

“I Choose To Believe…” : Using this Activation enables you to tap into your true power of deciding what you want to believe. Although you’ve been conditioned to hold certain beliefs, you can also practice rewriting them using these 4 powerful words before your new declaration.

“I Claim My Power To…” : Often times we don’t realize that we can shift a situation in our lives, simply by claiming our power to steer the events, situations, and relationships in our lives. Utilizing this Activation will support you in stepping up your sovereignty and personal willpower.

“I Create…” : This simple Activation can work wonders in your life, if you choose to work with it. By declaring “I Create,” you are affirming that you’re an integral and empowered piece of the web of life. I dare you to dream big with your creations, because the limit is not the sky.


If you ever feel stuck in a rut, whether it be an old belief system, a stale relationship, or a traffic jam, it is a good time to use the Transformative Affirmation Activations.

“It Is My Greatest Benefit…” : At a fundamental level, you never take an action unless you believe it is somehow in your greatest benefit. Even if you are doing something that your Conscious Mind sees as harmful, deep down you have a Subconscious Belief that this action is serving you. Therefore, in order to begin taking new actions, you must affirm to your Subconscious Mind that these new habits are in your greatest benefit!

“I Am Totally Safe…” : It is unlikely that you will be able to develop a new belief or habit, unless you truly believe that it is safe to take a step into this new territory. By using this Activation, you affirm to your Subconscious Mind that everything will be okay if you integrate this new belief or action.

“I Am Totally Worthy…” : Unworthiness is one of the biggest impediments to manifestation. Whether you are desiring a new job, a fresh relationship, or inner peace, you must first believe that you are deserving of this blessing. Therefore, this Activation is crucial to unlocking your manifestation abilities!


I have literally watched areas of my life do a 180-degree turn by utilizing these 9 Affirmation Activations. They are truly remarkable keys, and I invite you to respect them as such. Please be careful what you wish for with these, because it is quite likely to manifest quicker than you think. It is also important only to shift your Belief System at a rate that feels natural and comfortable to you. Please don’t try to rewrite your entire human history in one or two days. Enjoy the process, and let yourself evolve and transform organically.


I like to say that a Realization happens primarily in your mental brain. It is a conceptual understanding. A “Feelization” is when this realization seeps deep into the rest of your physical body.

An example of this is when I began practicing Vinyasa Yoga. Vinyasa is a style of yoga combining various asanas (postures) with rhythmic breathing. One of my instructors said that Vinyasa is sometimes defined as “the removal of inner blockages,” which sounded intriguing to me.

For 75 minutes we moved through a wide variety of flowing postures. Some had me upside down and some required great flexibility. By the end, I felt exhausted. Luckily the final pose is Savasana, where you simply lay flat on the mat. In this moment I had a “Feelization.” It did indeed feel like my “inner blockages” had been removed, and for the first time, I was experiencing a more unified state of being within myself. Normally, I felt my body to be a bit of a conglomeration of compartmentalized muscles, bones, organs, upper body, and lower body. As I lay on my mat, drenched in sweat, I felt my mind and all the parts of my body as completely unified and harmonious. This was a “Feelization” and it felt amazing :)

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