How to Release Anger + Sadness (Unlocking Our Superpowers)

How to Release Anger + Sadness (Unlocking Our Superpowers)

For much of my life, I had essentially no connection to the emotion of Anger within myself. My parents rarely expressed it in front of me, and any time it wanted to surface within me I believe I found some way to distract myself or suppress it. Around 2013, as I progressed on my Life Path, the cracks in the dam began to get bigger and I realized, “Woah, I have a lot of anger inside me!” I began to pursue healthy ways to express everything from minor frustrations to primal rage.

Sadness often bubbles up to be released after I have moved through layers of stuck energy, and also purged some anger and frustration. The sadness sometimes mixes with deep gratitude and awe of the beauty of life. Sometimes there are specific memories or feelings connected to another person, sometimes I just feel sad for no reason.

Anger, Sadness, and a variety of interrelated emotions are usually attached to the same root feelings. The process through which I release them are very similar and also directly linked to the “Cathartic Speaking Exercise” explained in that section.

When I feel Anger coming up, I seek out a safe space to express it. Usually this is a private room in my home, in my car, or out in the woods. I will often open with a prayer like this: “Great Spirit, thank you for this day. Thank you for this life. Please help me to release what no longer serves me with ease, grace, and fierce love.” ( I ask for ease and grace when it’s applicable, though I know that often times it is very uncomfortable and intense, which is why I prayer for “fierce love,” which includes very intense sensations. )

I prefer to release anger by myself, though it may be helpful for you to have a trusted friend with you. If I’m in my car or home, I usually put on some music that helps with the process (listed at the end of this section). As the anger bubbles up, I tune into whether I want to yell, speak, move my body, or all of the above. If I’m out in the woods, I will often pick up a large branch and smash it against a rock or another branch. This helps me to tap into my primal animal self. I often yell at the top of my lungs and beat my chest like a gorilla. I’ve had some sessions where I literally yell for 45 minutes straight!

I also have had great success with the Affirmation Activations (listed in the next section) and declaring at full volume, “I claim my power to be strong and healthy!” “I claim my power to provide for myself!” If there is a specific person or thing I am mad about, I will utilize the Cathartic Speaking Exercise. After I feel that I’ve moved through a sufficient amount of anger, I will close my session by saying, “Thank you Great Spirit.” Then, I close my energy field by sweeping my arms around myself 3 times in a circle and then bring my palms together. Lastly, I like to ground my energy by putting my hands and feet on Pachamama for a few minutes. It’s important to let your energy settle after a big anger release session. Also, it unlocks so much energy you may feel like you can conquer the world and accomplish anything in that moment. To some degree you can, but I recommend being gentle with the integration process, and letting your system balance out for a few hours afterwards.

Releasing anger often flows easily into releasing sadness. When I need to cry, there are a few things I do. I find a space where I feel safe to let my emotions flow. It’s important to have an energetically clear space so that energy can flow easily through you. I often burn some Sage or Palo Santo before and especially after the session. I usually prefer to be alone, or with one close friend who will hold a sacred space with me. I will set out a yoga mat, or blanket down, so that I can bow down on my knees. I usually say a prayer something like this, “Great Spirit, please help me to release what no longer serves me. I pray for clarity, understanding, and greater wholeness.” Then, I will often put on one of the songs listed below. If there is a specific person or event I have feelings around, I will sometimes look at a few pictures of them online, or imagine them in my mind’s eye. I will often repeat the Ho’oponopono prayer in connection to this person or event. Also, practicing rapid deep belly breathing through the mouth is a good way to move emotions to the surface. I like to have tissues available, and a cup if I need to spit. ( I know I’m getting specific, but this is what I do, homie :) My favorite pose to cry in is where I bow down on my knees, put my forehead to the ground, and put my hands out in front of my head with my palms either cupped or touching each other. I can usually sense when I have cried enough for that session. I close it off by saying, “Thank you Great Spirit,” and I close my energy field by bringing my hands to prayer position and feeling a strong bubble of protection surrounding me.

Here are 3 Artists whose music has greatly assisted me in releasing anger. Both Xavier and Trevor are very skilled on the Didgeridoo, which seems to be an excellent catalyst for releasing anger.

Xavier Rudd : Lioness Eye, Mana, Spirit Bird

Trevor Green : Essentially every song on the Album “Sacred Seed”

Nahko : Warrior People, Build a Bridge

Listening to certain artists or songs is extremely helpful for me to let the tears flow. Here are a few of my favorite “Crying Songs” (most of which you can find on YouTube. Also check out the links in the last chapter of this book called “The Web of Infinite Inspiration”)

Kevin Yazzie : Love, Hope, Good Relations, Charity

Peia : Machi, Blessed We Are, Vento

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Goodness Gracious Salad

Goodness Gracious Salad

The Affirmation Activations (Unlocking Our Superpowers)

The Affirmation Activations (Unlocking Our Superpowers)