The Mental Advisors (Unlocking Our Superpowers)

The Mental Advisors (Unlocking Our Superpowers)

“ The mind is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master. ”

~ Robin Sharma

“ You don’t have to believe everything you think. ”

~ Wayne Dyer

How do you become the master of your own mind? I will share a system with you that has worked miracles in my life and in the lives of many that I’ve shared it with. The Mental Advisors are societally conditioned thought patterns, which are organized into distinct “characters” and personalities. These characters such as Worrying Wanda offer their advice and perspective, and it is up to you to decide whether to listen or not. By categorizing thought patterns in this way, it allows you to observe your mind so that you have more control over your behavior.

The metaphorical environment of the Mental Advisors is a 5-Star Hotel. You are the Manager of this hotel, and with your awareness you oversee all of the rooms and guests who come to stay in your luxurious enterprise. The 5-Star Hotel represents your mind and all your thought processes. You, the Manager, have free will to decide if the people (thoughts) who enter the lobby are worthy of staying in your hotel (mental space).

The lobby is often buzzing with stressed out and unkind travelers (Societally Conditioned Thought Patterns). You stand at the front desk and must remain alert so that you can discern whether you want these types of people staying in your 5-Star Hotel. Your job is to choose the guests who stay with you, because they determine the overall reputation and energy of your hotel. These guests represent your Consciously Chosen Thought Patterns.

As I’ve observed my mind for the past 6 years, I’ve documented and shifted many of the “guests in my hotel.” Some I gently escorted out the front door and they went on their merry way. Other guests are more like needy beggars who keep coming into the lobby asking for my attention.

Below are some of the Mental Advisor personalities I’ve outlined. First I share a  “Societally Conditioned” Thought Pattern / Mental Advisor, and then I share one or more “Consciously Chosen Alternative Thought Patterns” to replace with. Many of the Consciously Chosen Mental Advisors are essentially Superpowers in their own right. After each Mental Advisor, I give a sense of the story that they tell you to believe in. Depending on how deep you want to go with this system, you can differentiate a Mental Advisor for each unique emotional state. The emotions held in your body (Subconscious Mind) are one half of the two-part loop, which links up to the other half - the thoughts in your Conscious Mind.

The gender of these characters is pretty arbitrary, I simply chose names that seemed fitting. I invite you to choose new names if that feels right. Without further ado, here is one of my favorite tools in this whole book :

Examples of the Mental Advisors

-------  1. Judging Joseph - (societally conditioned)

“This person, place, or thing is annoying and fundamentally wrong. The universe must have made a mistake, so I’m going to judge and be in opposition to what I’m seeing / experiencing.”

Accepting Alex - (consciously chosen alternative)

“I fully align myself with what is happening in this now moment. I choose to accept these circumstances. The Power is in the NOW :)”

Discerning Daniel - (consciously chosen alternative)

“I use my Superpower of Discernment to find the best way to transform the situation I’m in, or simply leave it.”

-------   2. Behind Schedule Betty - (societally conditioned)

“Oh my gosh, I’m always running late. I am behind the 8-ball, so I must hurry / worry / feel anxious to make up for it.”

Right-On Time Rhonda - (consciously chosen alternative)

“I choose to believe that everything is happening right on time.”

“I’m most effective in getting things done, when I take focused action in the present moment.”

-------   3. Worrying Wanda / Doubt McGee - (societally conditioned)

“I love to worry and it is my greatest benefit to do so. When worrying about the past, I doubt if I made the ‘correct’ decision. When worrying about the present, I doubt if I’m taking the ‘correct’ action. When worrying about the future, I doubt if things will go as planned or if chaos will ensue.”

NOTE : The following 5 consciously chosen alternatives can be utilized to replace many of the societally conditioned Mental Advisors :)

Trusting Tricia - (consciously chosen alternative)

“It is my greatest benefit to trust life. I trust that the past is past, and I accept what happened. I can learn from my actions, whether they were ideal or not. I trust the present moment, and I am empowered to take action or surrender here and now. I trust that the future will unfold as it may, and I can co-create it to the degree I choose.”

Fat Tony - (consciously chosen alternative)

Fat Tony is a New York cab driver who reminds you of your power to say “CTFO!” This stands for Chill-The-Ef-Out. As he drives through hectic traffic in the big city, he uses this mantra to help himself cool down, and he also shares it with anyone who is stressed out in his taxi. Regardless of gender identification, he calls everyone a “Bro.”   Whenever worry comes up, I recommend imagining Fat Tony turning around from driving his Taxi and telling you, “CTFO, Bro, take a chill pill!”

Best Case Scenario Bella - (consciously chosen alternative)

Bella invites you to sing a song that goes “, Best-case-sce-nar-ioohhh,” and she helps you to envision and put your creative energy towards this positive vision. (When you envision it, and feel as if your wish is fulfilled, you become a strong magnet to attract a future that looks and feels like your wish.)

The Irrational Perfection Foundation - (consciously chosen alternative)

The I.P.F. is not so much a personality, but an imaginary place, where you can donate all your worries and doubts. This Foundation has a stockpile of all the zillion miracles that have already occurred in your life. You can reminisce on many of the times when it was crystal clear that the Universe is on your side. The deeper wisdom of the I.P.F. is that even all of life’s challenges and obstacles are ultimately serving your greatest evolution and are embodiments of a perfectly balanced universe. When worry or doubts come up in your mind, you can say, “I donate these thoughts to the I.P.F.!”

Violet Flame Superpower - (consciously chosen alternative)

The Violet Flame is a spiritual tool used for purification. You can visualize a Violet Flame burning away any thoughts that are not serving you. I like to say “I don’t need this thought in my brain, so I send it into the Violet Flame!”

-------   4. Molehill Monica - (societally conditioned)

“Whatever I want to do, whether big or small, it will be extremely difficult. It will be an uphill battle and probably take a really long time. I turn molehills into mountains.”

The Shrinkmaster! - (consciously chosen alternative)

“I have the superpower of shrinking obstacles.” I can turn mountains into molehills. Tasks that seem daunting turn into simple and even enjoyable activities. If I am intimidated to speak with a person, I first envision them as a gigantic dragon breathing fire. Next, I use the superpower of Shrinking to transform them into a cute pink bunny rabbit.

The 37 Second Superpower - (consciously chosen alternative)

When Molehill Monica tries to convince me that something will be difficult and/or take forever, I call upon the “37 Second Superpower.” I simply tell myself “This will only take 37 seconds.” Sometimes the task literally takes 37 seconds, or sometimes it’s more like a few minutes. I utilize this for simple tasks that will realistically take 5 minutes or less, such as sweeping the bathroom floor, washing a few dishes, or texting a friend.

-------   5. Guilty Gerald / Shameful Shawn - (societally conditioned)

“I need to feel guilty / shameful about mistakes I made in the past. It serves me to carry this heavy burden because it is a fair punishment for what I did.”

Innocent Ian - (consciously chosen alternative)

“Even if I made a mistake in the past, it is my greatest benefit to find a way to forgive myself and others. Carrying those burdens negatively affects me and distorts my present experience. Fundamentally I am innocent, and I’m always doing the best I can.” I use the Affirmation “I choose to forgive myself.”

Cosmic Giggle Foundation - (consciously chosen alternative)

The Cosmic Giggle Foundation is an imaginary place where you can donate all your shame and guilt. The philosophy is that ultimately we are all one consciousness, so anyone or anything that appears to be judging you is really just you judging you. Therefore, there is no need / use for guilt or shame. You are capable of discerning what behaviors are in integrity and which are not. Perhaps one day when we are in Heaven, we will all laugh about the silly things we once felt ashamed about. For example, when I am doing yoga in public and someone drives by and makes fun of me, I can either feel ashamed, or I can donate that shame to the C.G.F. and laugh it off.

-------   6. Scarcity Samantha - (societally conditioned)

“There will never be enough. I will never be enough. There is not enough to go around. I need to hoard and control my environment, to ensure I have enough. I should be afraid to share or give away my extra resources, because it might not come back to me.”

Abundance Abigail - (consciously chosen alternative)

“There is always enough to go around when I give and receive naturally. Mother Earth is plentiful. We must only respect her natural laws and there will always be enough to meet our needs. I choose to share with my community, and I know that abundance will always flow back to me. I choose to see and feel the abundance of life in its many forms.”

-------   7. The Echo-Master - (societally conditioned)

“I echo the voices of your mother, father, or friends as if they are your own thoughts.” These are most often negative beliefs, insults, or limiting stories which echo through your mind and diminish your potential.

The Echo-Master Reprogrammed - (consciously chosen alternative)

“I choose to reprogram the people and stories that I want to echo through my thoughts.” “I choose stories and beliefs that enhance my potential and make me feel good about myself. I can pick from some of my favorite spiritual teachers or mentors, and/or positive statements from my friends and family.”

-------   8. Obligatory Olaf - (societally conditioned)

Olaf says you have to follow social norms all the time and focus on being a “People Pleaser.” He is always using the word “SHOULD.” “Even if you feel very tired or sick, you should go to the meeting, or try to help that person out.” Following Olaf’s advice leads you away from your Internal Compass, and usually leaves you feeling drained.

Freedom Francine - (consciously chosen alternative)

Francine invites you to trust that you are completely interconnected to the web of life. Thus, if you don’t feel like you have the energy to do a task, it is OK to rest. You will be supported. You are not obligated to follow the conditioning of your parents or the Mainstream Strange Dream. You are FREE to make up your own mind, your own rules, and your own decisions!

-------   9. Paralysis of Analysis Patty - (societally conditioned)

If Patty comes into the 5-Star Hotel of your mind, she will certainly drain your time and energy. She will weigh every hypothetical scenario over and over again, until you are lost in a labyrinth of “maybe’s” and “what if’s”. Although it’s often beneficial to see all sides of a decision, Patty gets you trapped in your head, so you can’t feel the wisdom and deeper knowing of your intuition and body.

The “Boom-Done” Superpower! - (consciously chosen alternative)

This Superpower is the ultimate efficiency booster, because it assists you in making decisive decisions, so that you don’t waste precious time overthinking things. When I sense I am getting into paralysis of analysis, I choose to take a deep breath, and feel into what decision feels best in my body. Then I choose. “Boom! Done!” I exclaim.

If I’ve got a few things to accomplish, I envision them happening in sequential order, and then say aloud “Bing, Bang, Boom!” and imagine them all being complete. This helps my brain to relax and allows me to focus on the process of completing the task at hand. This is the Bing-Bang-Boom Superpower, which was taught to me by my soul brotha, Natural.

-------   10. Jukebox Josephine - (can be societally conditioned and/or consciously chosen)

Josephine is the one who keeps songs playing in your head. If you listen to the radio, many of those songs are designed to be catchy, and they replay over and over again in your mind. The key is to have mastery of your mind and also what music you choose to listen to, because the lyrics and energy of songs seep into your Subconscious Mind very easily.

I choose to listen to music with conscious lyrics and positive energy. ( For some recommendations check out “The Web of Infinite Inspiration.” )

Lyric Switcharoo Superpower - If you have a song stuck in your head and you don’t fully resonate with the lyrics, you can utilize this Superpower to invent your own lyrics, but keep the melody. This is Alchemy at its best!

My good friend Sol Shanti revealed this Superpower to me around Moby’s song “Natural Blues,” that goes “Oooh Lordy, trouble so high, ain’t nobody know my troubles but God, ain’t nobody know my troubles but God.” He switched the lyrics to “Oooh Lordy, light of my life, everybody knows your the light of my life, everybody knows your the light of my life!” Pretty nifty, eh? That’s the Lyric Switcharoo Superpower. It’s a fun one :)

-------   11. I’ll Never Find an Answer Ida - (societally conditioned)

Ida tries to convince you that it will be extremely difficult or impossible to find a solution to a problem. She imagines that solutions are few and far between, and obviously she’s never heard of the Internet!

Google Solution Superpower - (consciously chosen alternative)

This Superpower reminds you that many of the solutions to your so-called “problems” are literally one Google search away! It may actually take less than a minute to find an answer. Whether it’s the address of an event, the name of a brand, or some odd factoid, Google is at your service 24/7/365 !

-------   12. The Naysayer Chorus - (societally conditioned)

The Naysayer Chorus comes into your Hotel Lobby singing songs of “It can’t be done.” They say you have to play by the rules. They say that nobody ever does it like that. They say you are setting yourself up for failure.

Because I Say So Shizandra! - (consciously chosen alternative)  

Shizandra is a sassy girl who follows her gut instinct, heart, and intuition. She says “My way, or the highway!” She chooses to speak her truth into existence, and creates powerful ripples when she does. She sticks to her core values and is happy to be a “majority of one” if necessary.

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