What Is Team Pachamama ?

What Is Team Pachamama ?

You’ve probably heard the phrase “Teamwork makes the Dream work.” This is exactly what we believe in. If we are going to change the course of Humanity into a positive direction, we certainly can’t do it alone. We need to collaborate, co-create, and honor diversity in all areas.

The word “Pachamama” comes from various indigenous tribes of South America. In the Quechua language, it means “Mother Earth,” and implies a sense of reverence. After all, Pachamama sustains our very life, and we as humans are completely interconnected with her and the web of life.

So what is Team Pachamama? We are a Global Network of groups and individuals who are exploring a new AND ancient way of living on this planet. We are based in the wonderful city of Peaceburgh (formerly known as Pittsburgh). We like to view life on this planet as ONE BIG STORY. The cool part is that we can choose to be the authors of this New and Ancient story. We are not only story-TELLERS, but we are building, dancing, and singing this story into existence, so we call ourselves story-WEAVERS. Together we form a beautiful web that is ever evolving and unfolding in amazing ways.

We are a Non-Profit Organization focused on creating Personal and Societal transformation on Social and Environmental levels through co-creative, community building activities.

Team Pachamama has begun to GAME-ify the Transformation Process - both the personal and societal aspects. I envision a world where people are viewing their personal healing process as more of a fun real-life video game, rather than a burden or something to be hidden away. I also envision mass transformation on a social level unfolding in more of a game scenario, where people work together to create new ways of interacting and building society (at places like Lucidity Festival and the Peaceful Gathering of Hands). These intentions have led to the creation of the “Team Pachamama Interactive Game,” where players give themselves and each other points for taking any action that contributes to a more beautiful world. It’s a great way to encourage each other and laugh along the way!

We officially founded our Team Pachamama Non-Profit in 2019, though our team has been co-creating for the last 8 years. Diverse groups and individuals from all over the city have co-created dozens of unique events, including but not limited to the Peaceful Gathering of Hands, which is an annual event (starting in 2011) which brings together diverse groups and individuals interested in creating a more peaceful, healthy, sustainable city. Here a few stunning photos from this powerful, community building event :

Point Peace.jpg

—————————- So, what else will you find on this site???

Well, I ( Kevin May aka Philo Lila ) have been hired to write 2 books by the Universe. The first was published in 2016 called “Unlocking Our Superpowers.” The sequel / sibling book was published in 2018 called “The New Earth Is Here.” So far, I’ve uploaded all of the chapters from Unlocking Our Superpowers onto this site, which you can explore, chapter by chapter. It is quite an amazing book, and is being enjoyed by hundreds of people on at least 4 continents. Here is the official video trailer for the book :

Pretty fascinating, eh? Like I mentioned, you can explore the wide range of chapters on this site, or you can order your own personal copy at https://tinyurl.com/y8oj7zov . In the near future, we will be uploading the chapters from “The New Earth Is Here.” You can also order a copy by searching “Philo Lila” on Amazon. Below are some fun photos from my journey sharing these books with lots of amazing people! Thanks for reading, please explore this site, my Youtube channel, and feel free to send me any questions or comments @ Philopgh@gmail.com. <3 Kevin / Philo Lila

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