FROM DIABETES TO LIVABETES ~ Chap. 14 ~ Unlocking Our Superpowers

FROM DIABETES TO LIVABETES ~ Chap. 14 ~ Unlocking Our Superpowers

From Diabetes to Livabetes

I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes during my hospital visit following my Appendix rupturing at Burning Man in September of 2013. This came as a huge surprise, though I decided to take it in stride and follow the instructions given by my doctors. I began checking my blood sugar by pricking my finger several times a day. Depending on the levels of blood sugar, I would inject Insulin into my thigh using a needle.

For six months following my diagnosis, I injected insulin into my body between 4 and 5 times a day. Although it was frustrating at times, I followed my doctor’s guidance, and I believed this was important to maintain my health. Around March of 2014, some of my close friends and my partner at the time encouraged me to attempt to heal Diabetes naturally. I was skeptical that this would be possible, but after breaking through the initial resistance (like on the Personal Transformation Map), I decided to give it a shot.

I followed my intuition and shifted a few major things in my life. For one, I cleaned up my diet. I began eating a Vegan diet, with essentially no grains and limited sugar. It was very challenging, but I gave up my addiction to eating tortilla chips all the time. I also let go of my habit of eating right before bedtime. This allowed for my body to process and digest most of my food while I was awake, putting less stress on my pancreas, which creates insulin. I also began doing affirmations like, “Yesai am strong and healthy,” and “Yesai create my own insulin.” I would say these while jogging in the morning, and programmed them deeply into my Subconscious Mind. Lastly, I fasted with only water and tea for a day or two to reset my entire Body-Mind-Spirit.

Within two weeks of these new practices, my body began producing insulin once again! I no longer needed to inject the Pharmaceutical medicine into my thigh. I could barely believe it!

I continued on a highly alkaline, low sugar, mostly Vegan Diet / Live-it from this point forward. This was the birth of the Goodness Gracious Salad, which is outlined in detail in the “Phenomenal Food” Chapter. My goal was to make a salad recipe so delicious that I would look forward to eating it every single day! And that’s exactly what I did. Oh my goodness gracious, it’s so yummy. I wanted ( and still want ) to share it with everyone! Hahah.

I was so grateful to be liberated from the Pharmaceutical industry and all the needles! It felt like I had broken out of a cage of feeling like a victim, and reclaimed my power and sovereignty over my health! I continued to affirm lots of positive affirmations like, “Yesai produce my own insulin.” I’ve found that firmly believing in the power of health and vitality within my body are crucial Superpowers to overcoming challenges like Diabetes.

After about two months of eating mostly Vegan, I transitioned into eating animal products again because I felt like my body needed them. I began following the Paleo diet, which essentially says, “Eat what humans ate during the Paleolithic era - mostly nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits, and organic meats.” A big key is to relinquish grains from your diet / live-it, because humans only began eating those about 10,000 years ago, and they’ve been shown to take a negative toll on many people’s body and mind.

As time went on, I stuck to the low-sugar, gluten-free Paleo lifestyle and my blood sugar stayed pretty stable. I was still checking my blood sugar levels once a day, to monitor that I was in the recommended range of 75-125. Occasionally, I would give into temptations and eat some sugary foods, which would usually spike my blood sugar levels. I found a natural alternative to insulin called Nopal Cactus Powder made by “Health Force Nutritionals.” This became my alternative to insulin anytime my levels went above 125.

During this time, I was often telling people that I had “cured” Type 1 Diabetes. I was extremely happy to be free from insulin, and the hundreds of dollars per month that I was spending on these pharmaceutical products.

My Endocrinologist, Dr. Hazan ran some tests about seven months after I let go of injecting insulin, and both my Glucose and A1c were ranked at “Pre-Diabetic,” levels. She said in over 18 years as an Endocrinologist, she had never seen someone reverse “Type 1” and stop using insulin injections. As I sat in her office, she stared me down, pointed her finger at me and said, “You need to write a book about this!” I got chills ( aka Truthbumps ) all over my body. I instantly knew that sharing my story was part of my “Soul Purpose.”

As I did some research online, I found a few different doctors and personal testimonials from people who had also reversed Type 1 Diabetes through a mostly raw, highly alkaline, mostly Vegan diet / live-it. “So I’m not the only one!” I thought to myself. This came as a bit of a relief because I was happy to know that other people had found alternative solutions as well.

It is important to note that throughout my entire journey from leaving insulin behind in April of 2014, my daily intake of sugar is extremely low compared to most people. I eat essentially zero fruit, and rarely eat any grains besides sprouted rice or quinoa (which is technically a seed). When I follow this regimen, along with regular exercise and a positive attitude, my blood sugar levels stay below 125. When I go through a challenging emotional situation, I sometimes resort to sweet snacks and other processed foods. This almost always leads to a spike in my blood sugar levels.

Louise Hay, author of “You Can Heal Your Life,” says that every physical illness has a psychological and/or spiritual dimension to it. She says that Diabetes correlates to a “fear of receiving the sweetness, joy, or goodness of life.” When I first read this, I thought it was ridiculous, because I am a pretty happy and open person! As I have peeled the layers of myself over the past two years, I have found immense truth in Louise’s viewpoints. Tying into my Gender Fluidity, I’ve observed that as I embrace my femininity more, my ability to process sugar has increased! Woah! I know it may sound “out there,” but I have observed it time and time again. As I practice more radical self-acceptance, my body seems more relaxed and able to integrate sweet foods with greater efficiency. A big part of this was also in accepting all of my sexual desires. Blocking sexual energy flow and pleasure causes all sorts of blockages within the BodyMind System. As I have accepted my bisexuality and Gender Fluidity at deeper levels of my Subconscious, I’ve seen my body open and relax in myriad ways! It seems that somehow if my body is in a state of “resistance” to some part of myself, then I am Subconsciously saying, “I am not safe or worthy to receive the sweetness and joy of life.” This limiting belief seems to cause tension in my body, so that the insulin that my pancreas does create can do its natural job. As I explained in the other chapters, the Subconscious Mind is manifest in the physical body.

Related to this I’ve also tracked / observed a correlation between my body’s overall state of tension with how well I can process sugar. When I eat alkaline foods, and my body is full of antioxidants, then my blood-sugar stays balanced. When I receive massage and bodywork regularly (from friends and/or myself), then I am also able to process sugar more efficiently.

Another pattern I’ve noticed, which I mentioned earlier, is the importance of eating my last food of the day at least 3-4 hours before bedtime. This allows my body to process food while I’m still awake, and ensures that the food does not rot or ferment in my intestines, which creates extra sugar molecules and overall sluggishness in my whole BodyMind System. If I test my blood sugar, and it is over 125, then I will take a natural supplement called Bitter Melon ( from the company Himalaya ). I usually take 2 capsules per 25 points over 125. So if my reading came out to 175, I would take 4 capsules to balance myself out again.  I mentioned the Nopal Cactus supplement ( by Healthforce Nutritionals ), which is effective, though personally I prefer the Bitter Melon.

The next important element is cleansing / fasting. The Paragon Cleanse, Candigon Cleanse, and doing a 2-3 day fast at least 4 times a year have been crucial for keeping me in tip-top health. All of these contribute to my body having an Alkaline pH level, which I believe is paramount for optimal health. The miracle supplement of Black Cumin Seed Oil ( from the company Deva ) is also great for supporting body alkalinity. Another key element is drinking Alkaline water ( outlined in the “Phenomenal Food” Chapter ).

I firmly believe that spending time barefoot / lying on Pachamama is crucially important for this Natural Alternative Treatment to Diabetes. This is because you receive negatively charged ions from Pachamama, and it also puts your cells in vibrational harmony with the Earth’s frequency (The Schumann Resonance). This leads to an optimal state of health, where your organs are able to perform their natural functions.

Lastly, it is important to find a Soul Purpose that nourishes you on a deep level. This is a mission of service to others / the world that excites you and makes you “tap dance out of bed.” The goal is to find a mission that inspires you, where you can give your unique gifts towards helping others and transforming the world in a positive way. This will keep you motivated to stick to your Diet / Live-it and keep walking the path of Holistic Health.

With this in mind, I am choosing to frame my situation by saying that the overall lifestyle I’ve created is an “Alternative Treatment to Type 1 Diabetes.” To some degree, you could say I still “have” Diabetes, because my body does not process sugar as efficiently as the average person. I still test my blood sugar once a day to keep tabs on it, and if it rises above 125, I will ingest a Bitter Melon tablet. I prefer to say that my body simply does not want much sugar in my Diet / Live-it, and this is how it shows me. I am able to receive immense pleasure in a wide variety of ways, and something as simple as Romaine Lettuce with 1 gram of sugar can often satisfy my desire for a semi-sweet snack. Therefore, I do not claim to have “cured” Type 1 Diabetes, though I have transformed from having Diabetes (containing the word “Die”) to having Livabetes (containing the word Live)!

I recommend anyone with Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes to hear my story and see it as a possibility of a path for you. I am well aware that we are all unique, and everyone has a different background, though I am a firm believer in the power to overcome obstacles through utilizing Superpowers like the ones I’ve just outlined and many more.

To summarize, here are the key elements of my Alternative Treatment Plan for Type 1 Diabetes

( These are also beneficial practices for anyone, regardless of your state of health ) :

1. Exercise for at least 1-2 hours, 5 days a week. I believe that sweating intensely is also highly beneficial for keeping your BodyMind System in an optimal state.

2. Eating a mostly Vegan, plant-based Diet / Live-it with approximately 60% raw foods. The Goodness Gracious Salads are a key piece of this. Personally, I also eat very little sugar, and very few grains, though I’m not convinced everyone needs to relinquish these entirely. For reversing Type 2 Diabetes, there are plenty of recommended Diets / Live-its which include fruits and grains.

3. Utilizing the “Affirmation Activations” to reprogram your BodyMind System to cultivate optimal health. A few of my favorites are “Yesai can produce my insulin.” “It is my greatest benefit to be strong and healthy.” “Yesai am sovereign. Yesai am empowered!”

4. Radical self-acceptance is another key to allow your body to process the joy and sweetness of life, in its many forms including foods containing sugar. Allowing yourself to experience regular Sacred Sexuality with yourself and/or a partner is an important dimension of this. You can also utilize the Affirmation Activations and other tools from the “Healing Process” chapter for this. Affirming, “I am totally safe to receive the sweetness of life” and “I am worthy of receiving pleasure and joy” are two good examples.

5. Leaving 3-4 hours after your last food intake is important for allowing your body to process sugar and create its own insulin.

6. Spending at least 20 minutes (ideally more) barefoot or laying on Pachamama every day allows you to discharge excess EMFs, and receive the therapeutic sound frequencies of our planet. This brings your BodyMind System into a state of well being, where you can process sugar most effectively.

7. Living your Soul Purpose is another important component. This will keep you inspired and motivated to stick with this regimen, and share it with more people, so that you can share the gift of Vibrant Health!

8. All of these together contribute to a much more stress-free, healthy lifestyle. When your BodyMind System is strong, nourished, and you are living your Soul Purpose, you will be extremely empowered to overcome whatever obstacles you encounter on your path! I love you, and pray for your optimal Health. Yesai yo! Yesai yay!

To get your own personal copy of "Unlocking Our Superpowers," here is the link to Amazon :

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