THE WEB OF INFINITE INSPIRATION ~ Chap. 20 ~ Unlocking Our Superpowers

THE WEB OF INFINITE INSPIRATION ~ Chap. 20 ~ Unlocking Our Superpowers

The Web of Infinite Inspiration

During the bike trip across America exploring Sustainable Living, we met a tremendous amount of "Solutionaries". We visited eco-villages of all shapes and sizes. Some were powered largely by hydro and solar power and surrounded with fruit trees. Many homes were built from local materials by the residents of the communities.

We realized that many of the Permaculture Solutions are already in motion and working in places all over the world. The technologies for humans to live in a harmonious balance with Natural Law already exist. There are many cutting edge Facilitation, Conflict Mediation, and Community Organizing techniques that are tried and true. Also, First Nation representatives from tribes all over the world are coming to the forefront and sharing wisdom and traditions teaching how to live in "Right Relation".

It boggles my mind how much of collective human consciousness is put towards analyzing problems, diseases, sickness, when many of the cures are already available.

This is why I firmly believe that the CURE is CURATION!!!!

Curation, meaning to gather and highlight pieces of artwork. The artwork we must gather and share includes : healers, philosophers, writers, activists, teachers, artists, musicians, Permaculture experts, builders, organizers, and visionaries who have so much to offer towards this new paradigm. If we highlight all of the beauty that already EXISTS, then we will see a lot more consciousness SHIFTS.

Imagine an ancient Egyptian pyramid. The innermost chamber is deep below the outer surface. A small opening in the outer wall has a mirror which catches a beam of light from the sun, which then ricochets to another mirror, and light consecutively ping pongs its way to yet another mirror, until finally SHAZAAM! — the entire inner chamber is illuminated! This technique of directing, harnessing, and utilizing a beam of light is a powerful metaphor. We can also harness the best art and solutions in the world and ricochet them through the Internet with the power of Curation. This is the work I feel called to do, and I invite you to do the same. Be a Curator, and help cure the widespread drought of inspiration and hope!


Intertwined with being a “Curator,” I also invite you to be a Lighthouse. This involves sharing information and inspiration on a local and global level. As you shine the light of positive solutions into the world, you will become a beacon of optimism for many people who you are connected to. If you imagine a big web stretched over our planet, there are certain “nodes” or “intersection points” on the web where people and groups are broadcasting light and positive information to the rest of the web. As you begin to spread more inspiration throughout your section of the web, you will also attract more new info to share, and it becomes a beautiful snowball effect. As more of us step into the roles of Curators and Lighthouses, we are strengthening the Web of Infinite Inspiration. Also, going back to the Tale of the Two Trees, we are putting our energy into the Thriving Tree, which is based on Holistic Cultural Values. It’s a huge honor to have the opportunity to play a part in this Planetary Evolution Revolution!

Within this Infinite Web of Inspiration, I will now highlight some of my favorite consciousness shifting musical artists. My life has been enriched in countless ways by these artists. May they inspire, captivate, and motivate you to be creative, expressive and fully alive!


My Favorite Conscious Musicians


Chances R Good

I believe Chances to be one of the most gifted lyricists in the known Universe. He weaves words like a wizard with a tongue faster than a lizard... hahah. My utmost favorite album is Earth Tones, followed by What's That Smell, Boomerangs, and A Billion Years.

If you truly absorb his lyrics, messages, and vibrations, I am confident that your DNA will be activated and rearranged in a wondrous and beneficial way. I memorized many of the lyrics to his songs while driving from Peaceburgh to Ojai in November of 2014. I had so much fun jamming out while simultaneously upgrading my DNA :)

Favorite Songs : Yawanawa, Tru U, Good Morning, No Worries No Hurries ft. Ri , Sweat, Catch The Spiral, IOL, and Passion N Bliss



Trevor Hall

The first time I ever heard Trevor Hall's music was at a live show, where he played after Nahko. I was honestly blown away by his sincere, heartfelt music. After the show I bought his album called E3 (Everything, Everytime, Everywhere) and it became like a new close friend. I listened to it almost every day, and it was funny because I was living on the top of a mountain in Ojai, and in one of my favorite songs on the album, the chorus repeats "Way Up On The Mountain - woah, a woaaaaahhhh"

Trevor also shares a close connection to Neem Karoli Baba (Maharaji), who is near and dear to my heart.

Favorite Songs : Who Am I, Lime Tree, Volume, My Baba, and Land of the Indian.

I also highly recommend watching a live performance of "Unity" w/ Cas Haley on YouTube. I've jammed to this TRULY EPIC ‘prayerformance’ countless times.




When I first heard his song called "Rainbows in the Night", I could feel the depths and truths of his heart coming through the music. His unique voice and style took me a little bit to get used to, AND once it clicked, I was fully groovin’. His album called "True Prayer" became my soul-ally and upliftment as I went through a 2 month long "Dark Night of the Soul" in early 2015.

Favorite Songs : Total Freedom, Where We're From, Universe Strand, and Darkness with Darkness




I was gifted their album called “Grow Down” from a dear friend in Santa Cruz. As I drove down the California coast, I jammed out to this new music. At first, I thought “this isn’t really my style.” As I cruised into the night, it started to grow on me.

When I heard the song Heartwood, I became one with this band. The chorus goes “I am a lion – hear me roar” and this deeply resonated with me. I began listening to the entire album every time I would drive anywhere. I learned the lyrics quickly and deeply appreciate all of the love this band infused into “Grow Down”. It has resuscitated my soul during many challenging times. I also love Audiafauna’s 3-song demo called “The Leaflet”.

Favorite songs : Roots, Heartwood, Going There Strong, Present, and Fallen



Ayla Nereo

In my opinion, Ayla’s album Hollow Bone is a masterpiece. The album feels like a direct transmission from a realm that has a harmonious balance of Angelic and Earthly energies. Her music often gives me a sense of self-empowerment, connection to Spirit, and the childlike wonder of life.

Favorite Songs : Show Yourself, Seeds, From the Ground Up, Eastern Sun, Let It In



Cora Flora

For a while, one of my friends had recommended Cora’s music to me, though for some reason I never checked it out. About a year later, out of the blue, her name kept coming into my head. I decided to listen while I was practicing self-massage. This was perfectly fitting, because a lot of Cora’s message is about healing our relationship with our inner child and deeper self.

I am so grateful for Cora’s courage and vulnerability that she expresses in her music. I can tell she has overcome many challenges and is sharing the glorious joy, which is on the other side of trauma.

Favorite songs: This Bliss, Flower, I Choose Love, Oh Night Divine



Kellee Maize

Kellee is a dear friend and fellow Peaceburgher. She gifted me her album “Owl Time” and I jammed to it in my car for much of 2012. She is a gifted lyricist with a potent message, embracing the Sacred Feminine and taking action to protect our planet. Some songs carry a gentle flowing energy, while others embody the fire of transformation.

Favorite Songs : Caterpillar, Peaceburgh, Gotta Love Me, Third Eye



Florence and the Machine

When I first heard the song “Dog Days Are Over”, it was like a blast of warmth and joy during a cold winter. I listened to it consistently for a week or two, until it became part of me.

For me, this band embodies a beautiful synthesis of very dark and light energies. I have been moved to tears several times listening to this powerful music. I absolutely love the epic orchestra instruments infused into many of the anthems.

Favorite Songs : Never Let Me Go, Heartlines, Cosmic Love, Dog Days Are Over, Leave My Body



Kevin Yazzie

I first heard Kevin Yazzie’s song called “Love” as the soundtrack to a video created by a fellow activist, Lyla June. I literally burst into tears at the end of the video.

As I found more of his songs online, I listened to them whenever I needed help to cry and/or pray. He carries a very profound and healing medicine in his music.

Favorite Songs: Hope, Love, Charity, Ways of Life

-  Search “Kevin Yazzie” on YouTube or


Ecstatic Union

This is an epic, jamming folk band with sing along melodies galore. Their music instantly puts me in a good mood. I feel more connected to the Earth and all its magic when I listen to them. Gee wiz, I am deeply grateful for these amazing musicians. Their debut album “Sundog” is packed with my favorite songs.



Dave Matthews Band

I got introduced to Dave’s music in my senior year of high school because many of my close friends were loyal fans. At first I was repelled by his voice, but as I heard some of his songs containing a deeper message, I opened up more. Eventually, I discovered my deep appreciation for the spontaneous jams in the recorded live shows. I love how the energy builds and crescendos in such magnificent ways. I don’t really listen to his studio albums because the live shows are just on another level. Although not every song has the most “conscious” message, I truly believe that Dave is spreading many positive, uplifting vibes throughout the world.

Favorite Songs : Die Tryin, Crush, When the World Ends, Eh Hee, The Maker




This is my favorite Reggae band. They have a wide variety of musicians, which creates a dynamic synergy that moves my spirit. The lead singer, Harrison Stratford, channels an extremely potent and motivating vibration. This music gives me strength and determination to keep embodying love and unity.

I highly recommend the live performance on YouTube of “Undivided” at the La Nuit de l'Erdre Festival.

Favorite Songs : Mighty Souls, Here I Am, Smile, Music Is the Most High



Nahko and Medicine for the People

Wow! What can I say to properly honor these amazing musicians? Their music has seeped into my soul and catalyzed profound inspiration, motivation, and celebration in my life for the past 3 years.

When I first got out of the hospital after my appendix ruptured, I rested for a solid 2 weeks. Despite my love for exercise, I lied in bed for most of the day during this phase. I heard about a festival called “Symbiosis” where Medicine for the People was scheduled to play. It was in a few days. I felt pretty weak and like my body wanted rest. But this was my favorite band!

I made a leap of faith and bought a ticket for myself and my girlfriend at the time. All I knew was that MFTP was playing sometime Friday night, and we had to be there. As we drove up to the festival ground, it was about 7:30pm. We underestimated how long it would take to get through the ticketing process. I prayed that we would not miss the primary reason for attending the festival.

As we cruised through the parking lot, I stuck my head out the window, to see if I could hear Nahko singing. “I think they are playing now!” I exclaimed to my partner. We quickly parked, and although I had not run in 3 weeks, and still had a fluid pump attached to my appendix, I began sprinting towards the music. I must have run a mile through the flashing lights of the festival before finally reaching the furthest stage where my favorite band was rocking out.

It felt like a homecoming to see them all on stage, and a diverse crowd of people singing and dancing along to the memorable melodies. I was absolutely blown away and filled with inspiration after seeing this live “Prayerformance.”

Favorite Songs : Great Spirit, Wash It Away, I Mua, Aloha Ke Akua, Ghosts Embodied




This dynamic duo of bike-touring empowered women are two of the most soulful singers I’ve ever heard. Their music is both heavenly and very down-to-Earth. I have cried my eyes out many times listening to their music on YouTube. I hope to hear them live someday soon, and get to share hugs with each of them.

Favorite Songs : Hallelujah, Chico Gospel, Great Big World




Matisyahu was one of the first “Conscious Musicians” that I started to enjoy listening to. I first heard his song “King Without A Crown” around my freshman year of high school, and I could feel the deep truth and wisdom in both his lyrics and his voice. Since his first album, I have been captivated, inspired, and guided by his other musical releases, particularly the album “Light,” which served as a light in the darkness after my heart was deeply hurt through a relationship with a girl I was dating during the winter of 2009. May his music soothe your soul and raise your spirits!

Favorite Songs : I Will Be Light, King Without a Crown, Sunshine, Lord Raise Me Up



Luvamp Project

Straight up, if you want to connect to the vibration of LOVE, this is the band for you. These are my dear friends, and they are the real deal :)

Favorite Songs : Be Luv, This Love, Limit Is The Sky, All Love United




Dylan James Byrne, the lead singer of Earthwake is one of the most incredible, imaginative, and masterful musicians I have ever met. I am deeply grateful to be friends with Dylan, and to have witnessed his musical evolution since 2011 when we first met. I have shed tears of gratitude, love, sadness, and forgiveness countless times while listening to his profoundly healing music. Dylan also catalyzes laughter, playfulness, and joy every time he picks up his guitar to play. I cannot recommend his music enough. I am excited to see how the world transforms as the Earthwake moves through collective consciousness!

Favorite Songs : Johnny Appleseed, Dear Me, Get There, Cosmos



Shining Lion

Shine Rilling aka Shining Lion is a friend of mine who I met while traveling in Ojai back in 2012. One day, I was chatting with Shine outside the local Rainbow Bridge Grocery. I started to beatbox, and he began freestyling - weaving words together off the top of his head. It was so natural for him to freestyle, though I was totally captivated and inspired. “How can he keep rhyming words without rehearsing?” I thought to myself. Deep down I really wanted to be able to do freestyle like Shine. Several years later, I have honed my skills, and learned to get into “the flow,” and so I am able to freestyle fairly well. I am forever grateful for Shine’s musical medicine — both his freestyles, and his written songs.

If you like authentic, grassroots, Reggae-style musical magic, then check out Shining Lion’s most recent album, One Love Vibration. His older albums with Black Feet Music are also filled with amazing rhymes and a message of honoring the Web of Life.

Favorite Songs : Oneness, Simplify and Unify, Water of Life, High Horse



Jordan Walker

I met Jordan in August of 2015 as we were both preparing to attend the 3 Days of Light Festival in Asheville, NC. I heard his sweet melodic singing and ukulele music from afar, but didn’t get to fully absorb it in person. He left one of his CDs with my friend David, who let me burn a copy. This was a 5-song demo CD, and in all honesty, the sound quality was below average. But the pure love that I felt through this music blew me away, so I listened to these 5 songs over and over again. I am extremely excited to hear more of Jordan’s music, as he continues to share with the world. As far as I know he has not recorded a full album yet, so I invite you to search “Jordan Children of Jah” on YouTube.

Favorite Songs : Children of Jah, Miracles, Freedom (Lion’s Roar Away)



Phil Osophical

Last but not least, this is the name I went by when I produced three unique Flowetry albums. Each is a fun and interactive mixture of beatboxing, singing, and Spoken Word. For a long time, my Mental Advisors have tried to convince me that these albums aren’t awesome, though the hundreds of heartfelt reflections I’ve received from friends have provided some great alternative perspectives. I recommend jamming out to these albums while driving in your car :)

Favorite Songs : Go Inside, Breathin Life, Pachamama Lullaby



Here are a few more ways to explore the realms of Infinite Inspiration. I list some of my favorites in several different areas. All these lists are in no particular order :)

My Favorite YouTube Video Creators

1.    Elliott Hulse -

Elliott is very dynamic, energetic, and often intense. He is a Strength Trainer and speaks a lot about the body and mind connection. His motto is “Become the Strongest Version of Yourself.” His videos are mostly focused towards males, though I presume females can benefit from them too :)

2.    Maraya Karena -

Maraya cracks me up! She is so sweet, funny and radically authentic. I really appreciate her rawness, as well as her ability to articulate complex concepts off the cuff. She’s a master of language and humor! Check her out, yo!

3.    Teal Swan -

Teal aka “The Spiritual Catalyst” has a very peaceful and wise demeanor. She is brilliant and articulates complex concepts into applicable, down-to-Earth teachings. I am deeply grateful for her dedication to serving the collective awakening.

4.    Tai Lopez -

Tai is a brilliant thinker, and shares insights on everything from business to speed-reading. He has a very grounded, real-world perspective, while also teaching tips on how to raise millions of dollars and transform society.

5.    Astarius Miraculii -

Astarius is one of the most amazing Sound Healers I’ve ever come across. I had the honor of meeting him and experiencing a personal Didgeridoo Healing at the Conscious Life Expo in 2013. He has many profound insights on spirituality, astrology, and life in general. His eternal soul shines through every video he creates. I love one of his mantras which says, “Up at the top, there’s room for all, it’s just the bottom that’s crowded, ya’ll!”

6.    Breezy Spreadlove -

I met Breezy at the 3 Days of Light Festival in 2015. I appreciate her playful spirit, high energy enthusiasm, and dedication to inspire others. She is pioneering the “Golden Gaia Adventure” all across the country :)

7.    Elizabeth Dialto -

She leads the “Untame the Wild Soul Woman” Podcast. I love her authenticity, empowerment, and ability to apply discernment on a wide range of topics.

8.    Ralph Smart aka Infinite Waters -

I watch a video from Infinite Waters almost every day! His humor, wisdom, and overall vibration help me to align with myself and my inner truth. He is truly a hero of mine. “Infinite Waters diving deep once again. We’re out here in nature, breathing in that good ass prana, baby!”

9.    Amateo Ra -

He is a close friend of mine and inspires me tremendously with his passion, insight, and ability to speak on a wide range of topics. He hasn’t recorded many videos since 2015, though his channel is packed with precious golden nuggets of wisdom!

10.  Lilou Mace -

Lilou has been traveling the globe interviewing cutting edge Leaders, Teachers, Authors, and other awesome people for over 5 years. I’ve watched hundreds of hours of her interviews and she is incredibly gifted at holding a loving, receptive space to draw forth the beauty and wisdom of each person she interviews.

11.  Preston Smiles -

Preston is a friend of mine from the LuvFest Community that I am blessed to be a part of out in California. He makes very dynamic, high-energy inspirational videos that will fuel you with a dose of inspiration and infinite possibility! Ooooh Oooooh!

Favorite Electronic Music Artists

( Listed in no particular order. Also, I don’t feel inspired to share a description of each artist, though I am grateful for each of their unique styles and wizardry that they craft into their music! )

1.    Bluetech

2.    Gramatik

3.    Kaminanda

4.    Kalya Scintilla

5.    Numatik

6.    Papadosio

7.    Epicuros

8.    Lotus


Favorite Healing Music

All of these are the exact titles as they are listed on YouTube ( I add the quotations. The name after is the title of the YouTube channel. ) I have listened to many of these hundreds of times. They are superb and magnificent!

1.    “Merlin’s Magic : 1 HOUR Healing Meditation Music” - ZenSpiritLight

2.    “432 Hz & Schumann Resonance Meditation Music VII” (with Blue Whale Call) - Kevin Menear

3.    “Meditation (Zen Music)” - fearless2435

4.    “Relaxation Music / 432 Hz Dna Healing/ Chakra Cleansing Meditation” - EJ Boxing Live

5.    The Channel “Ask Angels” on YouTube has many amazing Guided Meditations / Angel Healing Meditations. I have listened to these hundreds of times, and had many deeply profound experiences. I am so grateful for Melanie Beckler who channels these messages from the Angelic Realms. I invite you to explore this multitude of magical meditations!


Favorite Social Groups / Movements





5.     PERMIES -











16. NOOMAP -



All of these musicians, movements, meditations, and more have contributed so much inspiration to my life! They have all assisted me in tapping into and amplifying my Superpowers. I am grateful to potentially open your eyes and ears to some of these new doorways for the first time :) I encourage you to support all these projects as you feel inspired; to keep growing and strengthening the Great Web of Inspiration! To close the circle of this magical book, I feel inspired to share one of my favorite pieces of Flowetry that came through my “Hollow Bamboo” back in 2014. May these lyrics inspire you to feel the Infinite Potential that lies within you. Without further ado, I’ll say Scoobally doo, and let you read on through :




The Cosmos - AKA - The Big “What IF” ?


Infinite Form - Intertwined Flawlessly - with the

Infinite Form-less

G-O-D dancing delicately with divine GODD-ESS

One day God winked at his beloved, and Goddess smiled

9 months later - they had a child

They named their kid “IF” - and now the story gets wild

See, IF… could take on Incredible Facades!

could be male, female, visible or mirage

IF – simply put is the INFINITE FRACTAL

Fresher than fruit and older than a Pterodactyl

IF is a being - who bestows Instantaneous Forgiveness

For our Inevitable Forgetfulness

IF is the Imagination Factory…

And the portal to Inconceivable Fantasy

IF! - look at it one way and you say :

I’m Flying!

From another view, you’re In Fear and you’re dying

See we’ve been programmed to be profoundly pessimistic

But I flip the IF like a kickflip - So I say Fuck Impossible!

Ganesh in the flesh, we’re hoppin over obstacles

cuz when we’re empowered by IF - We… are unstoppable!

And though we are just an Infinitesimal Fragment

We can align with the Ineffable Flow

Perhaps we are strongest

when we just …let …GO?

  What if What IS

Is What IS

because of all the past What IF’s ?

I said “What if What IS

Is What IS

because of all the past What IF’s?”

Perhaps the key to sharing our greatest gifts

Is to expand our what IF’s?

Holy shift, it’s time to make some What IF lists!

Anyways, back to God and Godd-ess

All of you, they wish to bless

They bestow this gift - for you to use on your quest

This! is the gift of LIFE

L. - I. - F. - E.

You’re given Love … and Energy

The IF is up to thee!

((( <3  )))


To get your own personal copy of "Unlocking Our Superpowers," here is the link to Amazon :

Philo Lila's Healing Journey (Unlocking Our Superpowers)

Philo Lila's Healing Journey (Unlocking Our Superpowers)

MY PRAYER FOR THIS BOOK ~ Chap. 19 ~ Unlocking Our Superpowers

MY PRAYER FOR THIS BOOK ~ Chap. 19 ~ Unlocking Our Superpowers