MY PRAYER FOR THIS BOOK ~ Chap. 19 ~ Unlocking Our Superpowers

MY PRAYER FOR THIS BOOK ~ Chap. 19 ~ Unlocking Our Superpowers

My Prayer For This Book

The way I see it, a big part of my soul purpose is to be a “Medicine Keeper.” By this, I mean that Great Spirit has entrusted me to be a steward of many new and ancient teachings. If applied, these “Medicine Teachings” can Unlock your Superpowers and bring you into a greater state of harmony, awareness, and incredible amazement of life! To be a part of bringing these teachings to the world is a tremendous honor, and a big responsibility.

Have you ever been at a festival or event and seen a live, collaborative painting? Several artists each have their own brush and set of paints, and as the music plays, they co-create an amazing piece of art moment by moment. Every artist has their own unique style and when they work together with other artists, the result is “Synergy,” where the end result is exponentially more awesome than the sum of the individual parts.

This book is essentially a Collaborative Painting, which has been a work in progress for thousands of years. As the saying goes, “I am standing on the shoulders of giants.” It is impossible for me to thank and honor everyone throughout space and time that has preserved, propagated, and evolved these Sacred Teachings and Superpowers. There are countless cultures, tribes, and communities to thank for practicing and cultivating the wisdom, which has evolved over time to become this current version.

Many brave revolutionaries, healers, shamans, renegades, visionaries, and mystics all over the world have put their lives on the line to both preserve and propagate these messages. I pray that this spirit of truth continues to live in me, so that I can do my part in sharing this wisdom with anyone who is open to it.

In my heart of hearts, I want this “medicine” to be available to anyone who needs it. After all, everyone deserves medicine when they are not well. How can anything or anyone stand in the way of this?! It is our sacred birthright to have access to the knowledge, tools, and Superpowers that can set us free. I created a story that I will share here that articulates these concepts :


The Story of Raisa

The year is 1904. A woman named Raisa is walking through the desert with her kids, Jahsun and Lacy. They fled their local town in Libya after a military invasion from another country. They escaped the chaos with only the clothes on their backs and a large jug of water. Raisa walks through the desert with them for 3 days in search of food and shelter. On the morning of the third day, her children are tired of walking, and very hungry. Lacy asks, “Momma, are we going to die out here?” Raisa replies, “Great Spirit is going to provide for us. We are being tested. We must be strong.”

Finally they reach a town with a big marketplace. Raisa does not have any money, but she is absolutely determined to find a way to feed her kids.

She approaches a Merchant with a big, braided beard who stands beside a vast array of colorful fruits and vegetables. She can’t contain herself and quickly exclaims “Sir, we have traveled 3 days in the desert. We have no money. My children are extremely hungry, can we please have some food?” The merchant hesitates, and says, “I’m sorry, but I must make a living. I cannot just give away food for free!”

Raisa pleads, “Sir, don’t you trust that Great Spirit will replenish your supply if you give to us?” The merchant is taken aback. He looks from side to side.

She continues, “The birds do not worry about where they will find food tomorrow! It is only in this human society of greed and fear that we find this artificial scarcity!” He can feel the truth of her statement. He stares into the eyes of Lacy and Jahsun, and then he looks over at his big supply of food. Reluctantly, he grabs a bag and fills it with fresh fruits and vegetables.

In this situation the Mental Story of money and societal norms dissolves into the “Immediacy of the Moment.” The children burst into smiles, and run up and hug this old, bearded man. Raisa dances around with the fruit and begins peeling an orange for the kids. The three of them break out into song, giving thanks and praise for the nourishment.

Raisa bows to her knees beside a large tree and thanks Great Spirit for the blessing of this food. The bearded merchant begins to break into tears. He walks over to Raisa, who is now sitting with Lacy, who’s enjoying a big green apple. The man looks ashamed. He stutters, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry for holding back the food at first. I guess I was scared that it would leave me and my family with less. But after the words you spoke, and seeing your kids in joy, I have now realized that, “Everything balances out. Great Spirit provides when we are in the flow of giving and receiving.” Then the bearded man starts laughing. “I was under the illusion that I actually owned the food! That is just a story of the mind!”

“Yes, now you can see,” Raisa replies. “All that we have is a gift from Great Spirit. We don’t truly own anything, yet we must be good stewards on this planet. That is what I teach my children.” Raisa calls over Lacy and Jahsun. They come and sit on her lap. They share a minute or two of silence with this kind merchant man. Each of them gives him a warm hug, and they continue on their way.



I share this story to articulate the spirit behind this book, Unlocking Our Superpowers. I am deeply passionate about everyone having access to the tools for healing, in the same way that Raisa was deeply determined to feed her children. I pray that I will always have my basic needs met as I continue to put myself in service. With that said, a basic energy exchange of some sort does feel authentic to both honor the magnitude of these teachings, and the immense time and energy I’ve put into stewarding them. I do intend to have a system in place, so that those who don’t have funds to exchange for a hard copy or the programs offered through the Yesai Movement - can still have access to these Sacred Teachings.



With all that in mind, I hold a vision of people all over the world practicing and utilizing the tools in this book to create massive transformation in their lives. I imagine circles of people at festivals co-creating Affirmation Activations and discussing their personal Mental Advisors. I envision every town in America having at least one weekly Ecstatic Dance event, so that people can freely express themselves and utilize their whole BodyMind System! I can see thousands of new smiles on the faces of people who have reconnected with Pachamama and the immense joy and fulfillment they feel as a result.

Yay! I am so grateful to be able to share all of these tools, keys, and maps with the world. We are truly Unlocking our Superpowers :)

I feel inspired to share some more “Radical Honesty” on the topic of connecting with those of you who resonate with this book :

-  I know in my heart that “Unlocking Our Superpowers” is destined to be translated into many languages and support transformation in the lives of millions of people all over the globe. I have been guided to set up a non-profit 501c3 called “The Yesai Movement,” as the vehicle for this book and these tools to get out in the most profound way. With that said, I am currently building a team of Evolutionaries to carry this mission forward. We are sincerely seeking considerable Funding to build a global team and Movement which will create viral videos, conscious music, and lead workshops and retreats to apply all these teachings. If you or someone you know wants to make a tax-deductible contribution towards these efforts, please send me an email - so that we can connect! This funding will truly support countless beings in Unlocking Our Superpowers and co-creating a new civilization :)


-   I know that I often feel a deep kinship with many of my favorite authors, whose books have been pivotal in my life. It feels like they know me inside and out. This is a very intimate relationship.

-   I believe many of you will feel this way towards me. I am indeed a cool person, though ultimately, you are connecting to the goodness and truth of Great Spirit coming through me as a conduit.

-   My sincere prayer is that you understand I am not able to keep in touch 1-on-1 with everyone who appreciates the work I do.

-   If you do have a desire to thank me for what I share, I’m open to receiving letters / emails, though I cannot promise that I will be able to respond to all of them. I also invite you to send gratitude through the “Feelingnet” and know that I will energetically receive your gratitude through the amazing interconnected web we exist in.

-   If you have a question for me, I ask that you spend at least 1 hour researching that topic on Google, YouTube, and the rest of the web, to see if you can find an answer. Personally, I have been conditioned to often seek the “easy way out,” which is to ask a question to someone who’s probably busy, rather than utilizing my “Google Search Superpower,” and simply finding it on my own.

-   If you do some research, and still feel like you want to ask me a question, you can send me an email ( with the title “Question for Philo Lila” and I will do my best to eventually answer it, or make a YouTube video on that topic :)

-  I do 1-on-1 Life Coaching with individuals who I feel a deep resonance with, and who are ready to transform their lives in a major way by implementing the tools outlined in this book. I can only work with so many clients at a time, and I am very selective to only work with people who are deeply dedicated towards achieving profound results. If this sounds like a fit for you, please send me an email ( with the heading “Coaching with Philo Lila ” and outline what you feel inspired to transform in your life. Thank you :)

-   I invite and encourage you to share the tools in this book with anyone and everyone who may benefit from them. This book is destined to reach millions of people, and I believe this will happen largely through word of mouth and peer to peer recommendations. You can also assist by requesting this book at your local Bookstores. Please share this book far and wide, while also realizing that it may not resonate with everyone you share it with. Please always honor each person’s free will and realize that not everyone is open and/or ready to receive and apply these teachings.

-   In conclusion, I emanate love for each and every one of you who connects with this book, and I’m deeply honored to be able to share all of this information and inspiration with you :)

-  I send a double dose of gratitude to my friends and family who have been directly supportive of this book coming into existence : Samuca Flows for masterful editing and proofreading, and eternal friendship. Casey House for designing the epic front and back covers. Chelsey Crandell for painting the magnificent Rainbow Lion. Niffer Desmond for ongoing graphic design support and encouragement. Travis Kennedy for epic website design. Andrea Sarcos for capturing my 1st ever official photoshoot in the jungles of Delray Beach. Will Morgan for being a jedi and keen discernment in proofreading. Ananda, Charlie, Tina, Chris, and all my epic Cultural Recyclist homies! Charles Eisenstein for continued inspiration and for allowing me to include the Invisible Path essay. Luna Marni Mana Moonchild for the infinite love, support, and massages that kept me flowing and growing. Jean Carlo Tavarez for Reiki and encouraging me even when my Mental Advisors were tormenting me. Thank you Sol Shanti, Bobbi (Smokifantastic) Williams, Jesse Carrier, Parker Webb, Jenna Maloney, Travis (Natural) Huntley, Christopher Hills, Sagely Willow Tribe, and everyone else who has offered healing / massage to me along my journey.

Thank you Maharaji, Amma, Ram Dass, Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, Brian DeForce, Chris Uhl, Alokananda, Amateo Ra, Preston Smiles, Ralph (Infinite Waters) Smart, Elliott Hulse, Teal Swan, Tai Lopez and all my other teachers, mentors, and guides. Thank you to Linda Polansky, John Slicker, Patrick (Kernel LoveJoy) Hennessy, Matthew and Brian Monahan, and everyone else who held a loving, supportive space for this book to come into being. Thank you to Tony Moss, Miranda Rondeau, Haize Hawk, Sunny Solwind, Dylan James Byrne, David Brown, and all my other Bird Tribe / Luvfest homies. Thanks to my housemates who encouraged me, honored my night owl tendencies, and all my other quirks. Thank you to my amazing mom (Linda May), dad (Brian May), and sister (Melissa May) for so much love, encouragement, and support along my entire journey. Thank you to all my amazing Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and beautiful relatives!

So much love and gratitude to all my Peaceburgh homies, all my Asheville homies, all my Delray homies, all my West Coast homies, all my Facebook / Youtube homies, and everyone in between! Thank you to my incredible teacher, lover, and support system : Pachamama :) Thank you to all my insect, plant, fungi, rock, crystal, lizard, animal, tree, and bird friends who have been blessing my life with wonder, wisdom, and amazement. Thank you to my cloud friends, Mama Luna, Father Sun, Mama Ocean, and all the beautiful Star Nations. Thank you to my Spirit Guides, Ancestors, and Guardian Angels who make me feel loved, supported, and protected. Thank you to the 5 elements and the 7 directions which are all interconnected into the center of my being. Thank you Great Spirit, Wakan Tanka, Gitchi Manitou for guiding and loving me every step of the way. Wow, what a beautiful life :)

Ahey Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!


To get your own personal copy of "Unlocking Our Superpowers," here is the link to Amazon :

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