PACHAMAMA RECONNECTION ~ Chap. 16 ~ Unlocking Our Superpowers

PACHAMAMA RECONNECTION ~ Chap. 16 ~ Unlocking Our Superpowers

Pachamama Reconnection

1.   Overview

2.   The Golden Hours

3.   Your Sacred Sanctuary

4.   Connecting to the 7 Directions

5.   Laying with Pachamama

6.   The Permaculture Revolution!

7.   Inspired Pachamama Posts

8.   Concluding Questions



Many tribes in South America refer to Mother Earth as “Pachamama.” I resonate deeply with this name, so I choose to use it too. Rather than seeing the Earth as an object, by calling her “Pachamama” I am honoring that she is a living, sovereign being. Of course this is “up for debate” in the scientific community, though I believe she has her own feelings, thoughts, and purpose, and that these are all intimately linked with the feelings, thoughts, and purposes of us humans and all other creatures. Some people also use the name “Gaia”, which I like, though I prefer Pachamama. Another option is to create / receive your own name for her.

I believe that seeing Pachamama as an object allows us to destroy her beauty, and see ourselves as separate from her. There is a big difference in relationship when we simply switch the language we use. By saying “the” Earth, we are implying that she is an object. Imagine if you spoke about a family member like they are an object. For example, say you are sitting in a room with your sister Maria, and you referred to her as “the sister,” rather than saying her actual name. Wouldn’t that feel weird and distance you from your sister?

By reconnecting with Pachamama, it brings about a shift in consciousness and allows you to see the unified web of life with greater clarity. Over the last 7 years, I’ve been consciously deepening my link with Pachamama. Here are a few simple Superpowers I’ve learned along the way :


The Golden Hours : These are the magical windows of time during the first and last hours of the sun shining above the horizon. As the sun rises and sets, it illuminates all of creation with a mystical, mythical, and magical Golden Glow :) I also like to call this “Gold Time.”

All throughout history, sunrise and sunset have stirred the human soul and imagination. It is a time of Earth and Sky, Dark and Light coming into union. Many say that the “veils are thin” at these times, meaning that the boundary blurs between the Material and Spiritual world as well.

I recommend enjoying and communing with the Golden Hours at every opportunity. I love being surrounded by wilderness if possible, though even in a busy city you can find the peace and magic of these times. It is so cool to see humans, birds, and trees “in a new light” - literally! The Golden Hours are a great time to meditate, practice yoga, or simply appreciate the beauty of life :)


Your Sacred Sanctuary : As you connect deeper with Pachamama and all her creatures, it is highly beneficial to have a place near your home where you can go to retreat, tune in, and power up. The goal is to find / cultivate a place where you can feel safe, free, and connected to the web of life.

Your Sacred Sanctuary can be at a park, deep in the woods, or in your backyard. A good way to find this place is by locating an “Elder Tree.” These are most likely the oldest living beings in your neighborhood / city! These will usually be the largest, most powerful trees in the area. You can use your intuition to sense which ones are the oldest. I truly believe these trees contain immense wisdom. In many Indigenous Tribes, sacred ceremonies and events were held in the presence of one or more “Elder Trees.” Simply being in the energy field of such a tree-being for 20 minutes can put you in a heightened state of consciousness! No wonder Buddha got enlightened : he was chillin under a super wise tree!

Ideally, your Sacred Sanctuary will be a place where you won’t be disturbed or distracted by other humans. This way you can connect with all the awesome non-humans like trees, flowers, birds, and squirrels! The test to see if you feel safe there is : “Can you sing loudly and do semi-awkward yoga poses without feeling self-conscious and anxious?” And the bigger test is “Can you fall into a deep sleep there without being afraid the cops will wake you up?” If you don’t pass one or either of these tests, then you won’t be able to enter a deep enough state of peace to experience the full magic of Pachamama.

I recommend bringing a journal and pen with you whenever you feel inspired. I guarantee you will receive creative insights and inspiration, and as I always say “A Notebook is an External Hard Drive for the mind!” As you go to your Sacred Sanctuary more often, here are some questions to ask :

1.  What other creatures live in this place i.e. plants, animals, insects, fungi, birds?

2.  What are these creatures teaching you / communicating to you? ( I highly recommend utilizing the absolutely amazing “Medicine Cards” by Jamie Sams and David Carson.)

3.  What subtleties and changes do you notice in this environment throughout the different times of day i.e. morning, afternoon, evening, nighttime?

4.  How does your BodyMind System feel different when you are in your Sacred Sanctuary?


Connecting to the 7 Directions : Indigenous Tribes all over this planet have always been connected to the 7 Sacred Directions. To quote some Flowetry from my 1st Album: “East, West, North, South, Up, Down, and the One-Within, let this rhyme remind, so we never Forget-Again.” Your Heart Center is the 7th direction, where all the other 6 directions come into Unity.

As you deepen your relationship with Pachamama, it is helpful to establish a sense of where you are in relation to the 7 directions. Through this process, I am now able to estimate what time of day it is by where the sun is in the sky. It is also much easier to navigate while driving if I know the 4 directions and how they apply to the city I’m in and its road system. Overall, it gives me a sense of my primal awareness. No longer am I a robot in a foreign environment, but I feel like “Yes, I am home on this planet, and I know how to navigate it!”

To deepen your connection with the “Up” direction, you can also study Astrology and/or Astronomy. I also invite you to cultivate your “Mama Luna Connection”, which is your relationship and interaction with the Moon Cycles. In the same way that the tides of the ocean are dictated by the magnetism of the moon, so too are the waters inside our bodies (our emotions) affected by the lunar cycles. This is why historically full moons are tied to people having wild emotions and becoming “luna-tics.” Also, in the same way that I have gotten closer to Pachamama by using that name, I like to switch from saying “the moon” to “Mama Luna,” which implies a personal connection.

It is so much fun to align with each New Moon and set intentions during this time. I especially enjoy gathering with soul family and affirming each other’s intentions. Then as Mama Luna moves through her cycle to becoming full, you can work and play to manifest your intention. On the Full Moon, you can get a clear reflection of what dreams have come to fruition. For great insights on your evolving relationship with Mama Luna and all the stars, I recommend exploring

If you want to dive super deep with all 7 directions, you can study the work of Tom Brown Jr. and his “Tracker School,” which teaches you how to navigate and survive out in the wilderness.

As you link up with the 7 Directions, I also recommend utilizing your “Internal Compass” and the exercises connected to it, back in that chapter. This will help you to realize the ancient Hermetic principle that states, “As above, so below. As without, so within.”

Here are a few questions to explore regularly :

1. Where does your home and bed lay in relation to the 4 directions?

2. How does the Sun and Moon illuminate the various areas around and inside your home?

3. How does your feeling walking upon Pachamama change, when you are in tune with the 7 directions?


Laying with Pachamama : It cracks me up to hear these “Scientific Studies” with new findings advocating that humans walk barefoot on the Earth. They call it “Earthing!” - hahahah. Go figure! “You mean to tell me that standing on the actual living surface of the planet I live on is beneficial? But why?”

As sad as it is, many people go large portions of their life without walking barefoot on Pachamama, let alone actually laying down in the grass. Both walking barefoot and laying for 30 minutes or more on Pachamama have been extraordinarily healing for me.

According to the Scientific Studies, Earthing allows you to draw electrons in from the Earth, which neutralize harmful “free radicals”, which in turn decreases inflammation in the body. You can also discharge excess electrical charges in your body into the negatively charged Energy field of Pachamama. Lastly, you can harmonize with the “Schumann Resonances”, which are the frequencies that our planet is vibrating at. The most powerful and palpable is 7.83 Hz (cycles per second).

An article online discussing the Schumann Resonance noted a study where :

“Professor R. Wever from the Max Planck Institute was interested in the effects of the Schumann resonance on human beings, and carried out tests on volunteers in an underground bunker which completely screened out magnetic fields, including the Schumann resonance of 7.8 Hz.

After four weeks underground the volunteers were suffering from emotional distress and migraine headaches. After a brief exposure to 7.8 Hz, the symptoms of dis-ease cleared up and volunteers felt healthy again. The same problems of depression and illness were reported by the first astronauts and cosmonauts, who, out in space, also were no longer exposed to the Schumann waves. To counter this, modern space crafts are said to contain a device which simulates the Schumann waves of 7.8 Hz.”


Regardless of what the scientific studies show, I know from thousands of personal experiences that having direct contact with Pachamama is healing and beneficial. Countless times I have felt stressed out and overwhelmed, and simply walking barefoot, or laying down in the grass for 20 minutes, I felt totally recharged! It is truly amazing. I recommend connecting with Pachamama for a minimum of 20 minutes a day. You can also go out for 5 minute periods several times a day. I envision a world where this is a top priority for all humans, and cities will be filled with parks and natural spaces for “Earthing.” YAY for reconnecting with Pachamama!


The Permaculture Revolution! : Permaculture is so freaking awesome :) I can’t hold back my enthusiasm for this amazing way of life! During the Cultural Recyclists bike trip across America, we visited many Permaculture Farms and Gardens, and it filled me with enough inspiration to last a lifetime. Previous to this, I had studied sustainability and how to solve climate change, but now it all became REAL! The solutions jumped out of the books and landed right in front of my face. As I dug my hands in the rich, warm, dark soil, I could feel the reality and beauty of the Permaculture Revolution. So, what exactly is Permaculture?

Through Industrialization and the development of highly populated cities, many humans have essentially cut themselves out of the web of life, both mentally and physically. Permaculture is an entire philosophy and way of life that re-weaves humans into the interconnected web of existence. By studying the basic laws and principles of nature, Permaculturists have applied what they’ve learned to gardening, designing homes, and all aspects of life. The goal is to design a “Permanent Culture,” which is in harmony with all life and actually regenerates the planet, rather than degrading it.

If you are sincere about reconnecting with Pachamama, then you gotta tap into your Permaculture Superpowers! Here are 3 ways to get involved with Permaculture :

1. Read “Gaia’s Garden” by Toby Hemenway and watch the incredibly inspiring film “Inhabit : A Permaculture Perspective.”

2. Books and films are awesome, but If you want to TRULY experience Permaculture, you’ve gotta visit a local farm and get a tour. Search online for a farm that is close to your home. Check out the “Regional” section on and also the “Communities Directory” on .

3. The deepest dive is to volunteer on a Permaculture Farm and/or get your Permaculture Design Certificate, which essentially gives you the official title of a “Permaculturalist”!



Inspired Pachamama Posts : Throughout the past few years, there have been a few times where I had a profound experience with Pachamama. I share these Facebook posts to transmit the spirit that was flowing through me :

October 28th, 2013 at 10:08pm :

One day I was strolling in a local park with a friend. We were walking on the same concrete path as usual, chatting about the mysteries of life. As our conversation developed, I paused, and looked down at the path. For most of my life, I had always subconsciously identified with the concrete path as "where I am supposed to walk".

Though in this moment, I began to feel more connected to the grass that was beside the path, and the part of the Earth that was paved over. This realization then led to a stronger consciousness shift, where I felt totally harmonized with all of the non-man-made parts of the park. I started to resonate with the living spirit of Gaia. I looked at all of the benches, fences, concrete paths, no-littering-signs as absurd man-made objects amidst a much deeper, ancient ecosystem. This concrete path didn't seem to honor the primordial wisdom and intelligence of nature.

I don't believe that "man-made" things are specifically unnatural or bad; however I feel that the mainstream cultures' short-sighted goal of "conquering and controlling" "Nature" is essentially shooting ourselves in the foot. We are Nature — made of the same elements as every other life form on this planet.

It truly breaks my heart to see the domestication, disempowerment, and disconnection that is spewed by mainstream television, schooling, hospitals, etc.

I invite you to look deeper into your relationship with the wild side of yourself, and the wild side of the natural world. What social norms, laws, beliefs, and concrete paths are causing disconnection?

How can we all become more WILD and FREE?


September 5th, 2014 at 6:04pm :

The degree to which we've been disempowered, programmed, and domesticated by the Mainstream Strange Dream is truly astonishing. The "Average American Life" is so far out of resonance from our true nature that I am repeatedly shocked at what is considered "Normal."

I walked into a CVS pharmacy today, and realized that about 90% of that store is completely TOXIC for mind-body-spirit. The illusion of choices between shiny pink poison or creamy purple poison makes my heart hurt. This store is supposedly helping people to be healthy?! WHAT THE EFFF? Seriously, how asleep are we?

I pray for our reconnection to ourselves, each other, Earth, and the Great Spirit in all things.


September 3rd, 2014 at 6:07pm :

Mother Earth has been speaking to me in a language I don't quite understand with my rational mind. This language is older than words and I have to be very still and present to hear it.

Here is my translation into this funky thing called English:

"Your human species is going through a Rite of Passage from the consciousness of a Teenager to the consciousness of an Adult. As teenagers, your species has been quite unaware of your purpose and place in the greater web of life. You have wreaked havoc in hundreds of ways and gotten very, very confused.

There is a mass awakening happening as you all remember your place and purpose amongst the trees, bears, stones, and stars. Many of you are also learning from the tribes of Indigenous People who have kept the flame of INTERBEINGNESS alive for the past couple thousand years.

I am your Mother, and also your friend. I can be kind or I can be wrathful. Part of me gently invites you to find harmony, and another side of me demands it.

I want you to remember that you are all Passengers aboard this magnificent Spaceship, which is soaring through the cosmos. This planet will be in perpetual turbulence if you keep fighting with one and other. It’s time to release the judgments, fears, comparisons, hatred, and grudges you hold against each other. These seemingly MINOR issues are like gigantic Dams blocking you all from working and playing together harmoniously as a peaceful planet.

The big key I want to give you today is "INSPIRED SERVICE." Find a healthy, holistic way to get inspired, and then channel that inspiration to serve the collective. When you are In-spired, that means my spirit and the spirit of the universe is flowing through you.

Saturate yourself with inspiration in the form of art, music, people, books, videos, gatherings, dancing, singing, praying, meditating, exercising, playing, massaging, giving, receiving. Take bold, courageous actions in these directions - the web of life will support you as you flap your wings. The more you fill up on inspiration, the more you can spread that spirit to others.

You've become confused largely because you only listen to your Conscious Mind. The spirit of inspiration moves through your entire body and energy field, so you must engage and listen to every cell of your being. The instruction manual for Harmonious Living with the whole web of life is deep within your cells. As you walk the path of INSPIRED SERVICE, the tools, solutions, challenges, people and places will guide you in mysterious and amazing ways. Have fun, Earthlings."


October 21st, 2014 at 6:37pm :

Today, Mother Earth posted in the local newspaper. This is what she wrote : “I am hiring new employees for a specific sector of the Great Web of Life. I understand that many of you humans are “unemployed” or do not feel like you are living your true purpose.

Well I have good news! The department of Earth Stewards is overflowing with job opportunities. If you are interested in becoming an Earth Steward, I will outline the credentials I am seeking:

1. I invite you to actively work on “getting the System out of your system.” Mainstream society is deeply confused and out of harmony with the Web of Life. I encourage you to purge the Toxins, Old Thought Patterns, and Unhealthy Behaviors. There are many ways to do this including exercise, crying, catharsis, yoga, and fasting.

2. I invite you to connect your heart to my heart. This is no easy task. It means you must be brave enough to feel all the pain I am experiencing. I promise that every tear you shed will make you a stronger Earth Steward.

3. I invite you to set aside your hesitations, doubts, limiting beliefs, which are stopping you from stepping up into your True Self. There are thousands of opportunities waiting for you to serve the Web of Life. The time is NOW to flap your wings. Are you willing to accept the possibility of what your life can become?

If you accept this position, I cannot promise you any of the “normal” things like a steady paycheck, health insurance, or a fancy cubicle. I CAN promise you that you will experience more connection, fulfillment, joy, vitality, gratitude, and wonder than you have ever imagined.

If becoming an Earth Steward sounds like a fit for you, then I invite you to create a small ceremony for yourself. I invite you to set intentions for living as an Earth Steward and map out how you can take action towards them. I'm always here for you.”

~ Pachamama Earth



Concluding Questions : Here are a few more questions to explore on your journey with Pachamama :

1.  What name resonates most with you : Gaia, Pachamama, Mother Earth, or something else?

2.  What is one of your most profound experiences of connection with Pachamama?

3.  How often do you appreciate the “Golden Hours?”

4. Do you already have a “Sacred Sanctuary,” or perhaps multiple sanctuaries? Where would you like a new one to be?

5.  When do you utilize your connection to the “7 Directions”?

6.  On average, how much time do you spend barefoot or laying on Pachamama per day? What is your ideal daily amount to truly nourish this life-changing connection?


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