THE UNCHARTED TERRITORY ~ Chap. 8 ~ Unlocking Our Superpowers

THE UNCHARTED TERRITORY ~ Chap. 8 ~ Unlocking Our Superpowers

The Uncharted Territory

As you walk the Invisible Path, (by the way this is Philo / Lila writing now) I invite you to envision that you are traveling in a vast territory, similar to “Middle Earth” in the Lord of the Rings. You can see giant snow-covered mountains in the distance. Billowing gray clouds are blowing in from the West. The leaves are bursting with fiery colors as they fall from the trees. Just like Frodo and his crew, during your explorations, you encounter many unique terrains, interactions, and experiences. Each offers an opportunity for growth and development.

Here are a few key metaphorical insights about the Uncharted Territory:

1.  In some areas, you can only move forward by going alone, such as crossing a “Crocodile Pond.” The only way to progress is to tiptoe across a narrow tree. No one can hold your hand. You must rely on your own focus, physical stamina, and inner balance.

2. Sometimes you get stuck in a swamp of quicksand. It is completely impossible to escape on your own. You must call out for help. You yell out to a distant passerby, and she throws you a long branch to pull you out. You emerge out of breath and covered in muddy sand. You are eternally grateful for the support of this kind young woman.

3. After traveling solo for large portions of the journey, you sometimes meet fellow Pioneers and share stories by a fire. Many of you have overcome similar challenges. The warmth of the fire and a small gathering of travelers nourishes your soul. This experience reminds you that although the path is invisible, you are not lost, and you are not crazy. You leave the fire feeling rejuvenated and ready to keep exploring.

4.  When you reach the top of a mountain, everything seems so clear and the vision ahead looks hopeful. From this glorious view, you don’t always see that you must hike all the way down the mountain, wrestle a dragon, cross three swamps, and forage for food before you can climb the next mountain. After overcoming all of these obstacles, you will have learned the proper lessons, and gained a new level of inner strength to climb this next mountain, and fulfill the vision you saw from the previous peak.

5. As you feel your way through this Middle Earth-like terrain, what other insights /     metaphors can you derive from the Uncharted Territory?


Amidst the Uncharted Territory, we can be guided by a wide variety of signs, omens, and synchronicities. These can come in the form of Animal Totems, Numerology sequences, hilarious synchronicities, and much more. In this section I will break down a few examples of things to look out for, and potentially keep track of :

Animal Totems :

Indigenous Cultures from every corner of globe have always had a deep connection to the animal neighbors in their area. Whether or not the tribe depends on the animals for food or clothing, they still have a close relationship with these fellow creatures. In Modern Society, many of us have lost touch with all our non-human homies. Thus, it is time to reconnect with our relatives.

Many people nowadays are aware of the concept of having a “Spirit Animal.” This is a particular animal that guides you throughout your entire life. Personally, I believe that usually we have multiple Spirit Animals, each with their unique qualities and strengths. In this way, you can call upon Hawk when needing to see the bigger picture, and Bear when you need to go into hibernation, for example.

Most Tribal Traditions teach that any animal or creature that crosses your path carries some sort of message for you. Different tribes have unique meanings for each animal. I have gained so much from studying these teachings, and keeping an eye out for what animals I see day to day. I believe we can also add / discern our own Meaning and Stories from our interactions with animals. I feel a deeper sense of belonging on this planet now that I am befriending and learning from every life-form around me.

If you feel a connection to study Animal Totems, I highly recommend purchasing the “Animal Medicine” cards and guidebook by Jamie Sams and David Carson. They have studied and received the direct teachings of numerous Indigenous Elders from a variety of traditions. The teachings are very practical, applicable, and stunningly accurate! It is truly medicine for the soul!

1.   What wild animals / creatures have you recently interacted with?

2.   Have any animals / creatures appeared in your dreamworld?

3.   In either case, did you feel they were carrying a particular message?

Numerology :

There are many books and essays online that give specific meanings to different numbers and sequences. I recommend exploring these on your own. Personally, I like to notice repetitive numbers on the clock or on license plates, such as 333, 444. Particularly, I love to connect with 11:11 on the clock. It feels like a moment to align myself with my intentions and deeper purpose.

Also, it is very cool to imagine viewing your time zone on the globe from an “Outer Space” perspective. Looking down, imagine that everyone looking at 11:11 represents a little light on the map. Thousands, potentially millions of people are all having that “Lightbulb Moment” at the exact same time saying “Woah it’s 11:11!!” Together, we create a connected network of lights. In this sense, 11:11 serves as a tool to unify collective consciousness

1.    What numbers do you often see on the clock, licence plates, or elsewhere?

2.    Do they hold any particular meaning to you?

3.    What correlation do you find between numbers and Sacred Geometry?

Synchronicities :

Nahko, one of my favorite Musicians calls these “A sequence of events that fits together perfectly.” Similarly, my friend Michael once said, “No matter how crazy things in your life seem to be, a synchronicity reminds you that you’re still on the path.”

Essentially, it feels like you are Lucid Dreaming in real life, because you can see the magical connections and purpose behind life. A good synchronicity usually sparks a burst of laughter from everyone involved. Some call it “coincidence” which only makes sense in a universe that is inherently random and lacking unity. That is why people often say “Wow, I can’t believe it!” Or “It’s too good to be true.” But what if the Universe is not chaotic and random?

Once you begin to believe in the interconnectivity of all things, then you see that Synchronicity is the norm. “Wow, I CAN believe it!”

Here are 3 tips to amplify your Synchronicity Superpowers :

1.  Choose to live spontaneously, and outside normal routine when it feels right.

2.  Gather with like-minded, kindred spirits / soul family, and find ways to co-create, support, and inspire each other.

3.   Ask Great Spirit “How you can I be of service today?” Then, follow the trail of guidance, signs, and synchronicities.

The Secret Language of Language :

If you begin to look deeper into the English language, you will find many amazing clues into how language shapes our perception of reality. There are a few ways to do this :

1.   Break down words into their parts / syllables and re-analyze them.

2.   See what words are similar or rhyme together and notice the patterns.

3.   Research the etymology and/or ancient meanings of certain words, prefixes, or suffixes.

One example of this is the word “Monday.” One day, I was noticing how Saturday represents the planet Saturn and Sunday obviously represents the Sun. I wondered, “Maybe each day of the week connects to a different planet or astrological sign?” Without even doing any research online, I noticed that Monday in Spanish is “Lunes” and the Moon moves in “Lunar Cycles.” By looking into the Secret Language of Language, my theory was that Monday used to be called “Moon-day,” and over time it was shortened to Monday. I believed the same thing happened with a “Month” or a “Moonth,” which is essentially the length of one Moon cycle! A quick Google search into the etymology of these words confirmed my theories to be true!

1.   When have you noticed patterns or hidden meanings in language?

2.   Have you looked up the etymology / meaning of your first and last name?

3.   What are 3 words that you’d like to take a deeper look at?

The Discerning Guidance Superpower :

It’s extremely important to keep your head on straight when following “clues.”  YES! The universe speaks to you in mysterious ways, and YES, it is fairly easy to get “spun out” by looking for guidance outside of yourself all the time. “Oh my gosh, I just saw an image of Lady Gaga at 11:11pm, that must mean we are gonna be best friends!”

Sometimes, that song on the radio is speaking directly to you, but sometimes you can take things TOO LITERALLY and/or TOO PERSONALLY. The key is to use Discernment. Also, it is important to realize that for the most part, YOU create the meaning of whatever you experience. To some degree, there is “Objective Truth,” but for the most part you decide what interpretation to give the events in your life. For example, take an event like a person’s house burning down. A Hindu may interpret this to mean that they have bad karma due to a violent act in a past incarnation. A Christian may interpret this to mean that God is mad at them for missing church last week. An Atheist may interpret this to mean that random events unfolded, and there is no big reason to be upset. A Spiritual Optimist may interpret this to mean that one life chapter is over, and a new and exciting opportunity awaits them!

It is important to realize that when you receive clear guidance, messages, or clues, the key is to TAKE ACTION upon what you received, before looking for the next clue. Otherwise, you can go into a tailspin of following clues, and end up in a haze of confusion. Believe me, I know from experience. It’s very important to trust your inner instincts, and also bounce ideas off a friend who is in a level-headed place. Sometimes a friend who is very down to Earth can knock some good sense into you :) The key is to use your Discerning Guidance Superpower!

To get your own personal copy of "Unlocking Our Superpowers," here is the link to Amazon :

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