THE INTERNAL COMPASS ~ Chap. 9 ~ Unlocking Our Superpowers

THE INTERNAL COMPASS ~ Chap. 9 ~ Unlocking Our Superpowers

The Internal Compass

If the path is Invisible, and the territory Uncharted, then how the heck do you know which way to go? What tool could serve you in finding your way? Now is the time to utilize your Internal Compass :)

This compass is a synthesis of many Traditional Teachings, and I have found it useful for navigating life’s labyrinths. This compass is a culmination of many different ancient teachings, many of them coming from Indigenous Tribes. For eons, humans have utilized a “Medicine Wheel” for gaining deeper insight on life. The Internal Compass as I share it, is largely inspired from my studies of several versions of the “Medicine Wheel.”

In many Traditional cultures, medicine is not just something to take if you're sick, it is an integral part of life. Everything in the web of life carries its own “medicine” or sacred teachings and gifts. In her guidebook Sacred Path Cards, wisdomkeeper Jamie Sams writes, “In Native American Tradition, Medicine is anything that will aid the seeker in feeling more connected and in harmony with nature and all life-forms. Anything that is healing to the body, mind and/or spirit is Medicine.” (pg. 5) The Internal Compass highlights and guides you to utilize and harmonize with Medicine in its many forms :

The Internal Compass.jpg


EARTH = Physical

Key Attributes : Grounding, Touching, Resting

WATER = Emotional

Key Attributes : Flowing, Cleansing, Feeling

AIR = Mental

Key Attributes : Thinking, Breathing, Communicating (with self and others)

FIRE = Spiritual

Key Attributes : Observing, Creating, Transforming

(AIR and FIRE are classified as dominantly Generative and “Masculine”)

(WATER and EARTH are classified as dominantly Receptive and “Feminine”)

LOVE = The Intersection Point

Key Attributes : Unifying, Balancing, Harmonizing, Understanding


As you navigate the Uncharted Territory, you can utilize your Internal Compass to make decisions. For example, when you feel out of touch with your inner self, here are 2 exercises you can explore:

Internal Compass Exercise # 1

1.  Pause, sit down, and enjoy some deep breaths, inhaling gratitude, exhaling worry with a big, sighing,  “HAAAAAAAA.”

2. Ask yourself : What do I want to receive right now? What do I want to give right now?

Then, look at the compass and feel into the 5 elements, and see which ones jump out to you.

3. Whatever you are most drawn to is the Element to work with at this time. Here are some notes on the 5 elements :

-   Some situations are best solved at the Air / Mental level, others may call for primarily Earth / Physical strength. If you meet a fellow traveler who is deeply sad, you’ll probably utilize the Water / Emotional element to provide empathy and compassion. In other cases, you may tap into the Fire / Spiritual dimension, by calling upon Spirit Guides or Angels to assist the situation.

-   Love is beneficial in all situations, and can be channelled in a variety of ways depending on what is being called forth.

Here are some ideas for connecting with each element :

Earth : Sitting / Laying on Pachamama, Eating food, Cooking, Massaging, Exercising / Lifting Weights, Holding grounding stones, Doing Grounding Meditation, Sleeping

Water : Showering, Bathing, Swimming, Drinking water / juice, tea, Cleansing, Processing Emotions / Crying, Doing Flowing Movements i.e. Dance, Yoga, Tai Chi

Air : Communicating, Finding new ideas / inspiration via music, inspiring videos, events, Doing Breathwork / Deep Breathing, Going Outside (feeling the breeze), Getting a Fan / Air Purifier / Filter for your home, Exercising your mind

Fire : Expressing your Passion in whatever way inspires you, Spiritual Practice, Lighting a Candle, Connecting to your Spirit Guides / Ancestors / Angels, Sitting / Dancing / Singing around a Fire, Expressing intense emotions

Love : Feeling your Heart, Doing what you Love, Random Acts of Kindness, Connecting with people, pets, things you love :)


Internal Compass Exercise # 2

1. Pick an element that you want to RECEIVE more of in your life.

2. Pick another element that you want to EXPRESS / GIVE more of in your life.

3. For each element, ask yourself 6 questions related to it, beginning with these 6

words :







Example of 6 questions for EARTH :

Who embodies the Earth element in a balanced way?

What does it look like to embody Earth in a healthy way?

Where are my favorite places to commune with Mother Earth?

When during my day do I connect with Mother Earth?

Why is it important to embody the Earth element?

How can I prioritize physical touch and rest?

These are a few examples of how to formulate questions to explore how the elements interact in your journey. I invite you to create your own open-ended questions to whichever elements are most intriguing to you.


Overall, the Internal Compass is an extremely useful tool for inner reflection, and empowers you to tune into all dimensions of yourself : Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual. I recommend drawing your own version of the Internal Compass and referencing it at any point in your day when you want to tune in. Anytime you feel unsure of where to go or what to do, a few minutes contemplating this tool can often give you greater clarity to move forward. Through ever increasing self-awareness, you will be able to better navigate during times of ease, and times of turmoil.

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